INTERNATIONAL GIRLS: French Gal Charlie Guenet Talks Americans And Their Guns

Just like Trey Songz and Justin Bieber, we love our foreign girls and we wanted you to get to know them (and where they came from) just a little bit better. Each week, we’re asking these passport yielding babes about their aspirations, Instagram game and what they think about this bizarre place we call America and why they decided to make it their final destination. Imagine their culture shock when they realized Donald Trump or Kanye could so easily run for president. If you hail from a faraway land and would like to let us know what you think, submit this survey and your cutest Instagram pic to for a chance to be featured.

Name: Maryne Charlie Michèle Guenet

Age: 23, almost 24.

Instagram: @mcharliemichele

Where I’m from: Corsica, France

Now I live: Berkeley, California

Why I moved: Because of my teenage California dream that I had for a very long time, and to learn English.

Who I am, basically: I am a French chick studying at UC Berkeley who loves to meet new people, travel, learn, grow, explore, and go on adventures with crazy folks like myself. Oh, and I LOVE food, especially organic and locally grown.

I only speak French when I’m drunk.

What’s the weirdest American slang you’ve picked up since moving here? “Dude, that was gnarly!” “Sick!”

My favorite food from France is: crêpes with Nutella banana and shredded coconut on top

Favorite song ATM: Hmm… It’s a tough one but I guess I’d say ‘Family and Genus’ from Shakey Graves right now.

Biggest culture shock moment: There’s a lot… but the HUGE food portions, as well as the awful food quality for most standard food. That, and the cashiers asking me how I am doing everyday.

What my parents just don’t get about American culture: They don’t get that California, and all the American states, are so different from one another.

The dumbest thing a guy has said to me about my culture while attempting to flirt with me: “voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”, or “Would you like my baguette in your croissant?”. The last one is actually pretty funny.

Favorite thing to post on Insta? Any picture that is not noteworthy enough for my Facebook.

An American stereotype I’ve found to be 100% true: Well, there is no stereotype that I’ve really found to be true as a whole… but I have run into some walking stereotypes who love guns, Jesus Christ, shitty fast food, and are absolutely ignorant regarding other cultures. I make a conscious effort to not talk to them for too long though.

Worst thing about American guys/girls: Republican, racist, homophobic, stupid, assholes… but I’m only talking about Trump there. I don’t like generalizations, I cannot put all American guys in the same basket. Even though they do tend to have bigger… hands.

Worst thing about American girls… I don’t know. Literally, like I can’t even… OMG pumpkin spice latte!

Best thing? All of it! I love my Californian friends!

Donald Trump, Kanye West, or Hillary Clinton for president? Feel the Bern!


Illustration by Grace Tame


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