Say Goodbye To Pain And Hello To Interchangeable Heels

When thinking about femininity, it doesn’t take long before high heels come to mind. Admittedly, that’s sort of shallow (relating womanhood with shoes in under a minute’s time – yikes), but there’s no symbol that’s more iconic to femininity than a pair of high heels. High heels sophistication, elegance, allow you to tower above your normal, smaller statue, and most importantly, they make your legs look good enough to bite. However, they also symbolize pain. After a long, or even just a standard night of climbing steps, running across the street before the light changes to red, and just, you know, being mobile, typically women can’t wait until they’re shutting the door to their apartment so they can take the damn things off already. While it’d be nice to have the freedom to pull an Emma Thompson and just take off our heels in public whenever they start to hurt, most of us aren’t brazen enough to make that kind of a statement.


While for years, there’s been no solution (either wear high heels or don’t), suddenly, a fashion revolution is upon us. Tanya Heath, a Canadian-born designer, has devoted her life to making shoes that don’t force women to choose between beauty and comfort. Her biggest achievement? Shoes that, with the push of a button, allow you to switch between a high heel (3.5 inches) and a low heel (1.5 inches).  Goodbye, pain – hello, interchangeable heels.


If even despite the GIF above you ring yourself thinking, “how could this possibly work,” you wouldn’t be the first.  After deciding in October of 2008 to just, you know, go for it and try to buy a shoe company, Heath was shoed away by technicians who thought her idea was impossible. According to The Globe and Mail, “it took 14 engineers and shoe technicians, several designers and master boot-makers, the sale of her family’s apartment and some Christmas mornings without toys to produce the world’s first shoe with adjustable heel heights.”

According to Heath, she’s also currently working on a handbag that promises to be just as revolutionary.  While we can’t think of what that could possibly mean, we certainly can’t wait for her to unveil it.  Check out Heath’s shoes online or in stores in Paris, Toronto, Los Angeles.  Bless you, Tanya.  Bless you.


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