Instagram’s creepy new DM update will have you shook

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With each new update, it seems more and more like Instagram will stop at nothing to blow up all of our spots.

Today, the app that rules our entire lives announced a slew of new features. Some are cute, some are random, but there’s one that is incredibly dangerous: a “last active” feature in your direct messages.

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Basically, in all your DM conversations, Instagram will show a little line of text “Active yesterday,” “Active now,” “Active 19 minutes ago” — you get the picture. A perplexed user posted receipts below:

We at Galore are positively shook by this development. Really, it’s worse than the time we realized that your phone’s battery usage function will tell you how many hours a week you spend on Insta. Like, we all know we’re on Instagram too often — do the people whose DMs we slide into need to know that, too?

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Luckily, you can switch the feature off, according to Social Media Today. But similar to iMessages’ read receipts, if you turn off your activity, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s, either.

Instagram’s other new features include transparent GIFs, more text-heavy Story options, and more. You can read about them here. For more on Instagram and influencer marketing, check out our Kitten Agency.

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