How inner peace can give you true confidence

What I’ve been seeking can’t be bought, faked, imitated, or found in someone else. While on this search, I’ve come to realize that although this “thing” can only be found internally, it CAN be taken away by unhealthy situations, jobs, or relationships.

I’m talking about inner peace and confidence, which I believe do go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to have one without the other. If you are being drained by an outside source it very well could make you question your abilities within yourself, your self-worth, and your choices. This ultimately will effect the level of confidence you have in yourself.

Some men and women act as if they are impenetrable. They seem to exude confidence and self worth, but is that just their armor to protect against vulnerability or insecurities? Don’t mistake selfishness for confidence. How I am learning to tell the difference between armor and someone with real inner peace — a real leader — is if they are willing to raise up the people around them and aspire to bring others joy and inner peace as well. A real secure person has so much self love, they can’t help but make the ones around them feel just as confident. When you really love yourself and truly love others, you want them to feel the same love you feel. Not to mention, you’re able to give and receive love on a deeper level.

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What happens when you do all that, but you’re not surrounding yourself with the right person or situation and it doesn’t feed your soul in return? That inner peace will slowly fade away. When something in your life starts to exhaust you spiritually, remove it. Don’t get me wrong. Work is going to tire us, relationships are going to tire us, life is absolutely going to tire us. Anything worth it, takes real work and real sacrifice. Nothing great is created by giving average effort.

You want an average life, act average. You want great things, then act great. You want deep love? Love deeply. If the job is stressing you out, but the payoff is worth it, than don’t quit — because it is in fact giving back to your life. If the friend that is asking a lot from you now is tiring you but, you typically get joy out of the friendship, don’t cut them out — stick it out. Most people quit when it gets tough and that’s why great achievements and relationships are rare. BUT, it’s important to know the difference between being tired and making these sacrifices when it’s worth it, versus just being drained by something that can’t (or is unwilling to) give back what’s put in.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m also guilty of this! There have been a few times in my life where I have given so much of myself to an idea, a job, or a person, that when the dust finally settled I realized I really had nothing left to give. I reached a point where I was no longer just tired, I was drained. Because whatever it was just took. And when something just takes, it’s no longer worth your energy. It’s extremely difficult to have inner peace and give light to others if you aren’t taking care of well-being first.

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My normal self radiates light and if you’ve known me long enough, then you know there’s always been a calmness to me. An “I’ve got this and I’ve got you” type of attitude, yet still extremely playful. And that, is exactly what I’ve been working toward again. You could have everything in the world at your disposal. The best career, all the money, all the sex, and still be unhappy because real success is inner peace. Sacrifice everything for what you believe in, know it’s going to make you tired, know it will be worth it, know it will give back ten fold, but never let something take from you selfishly.

With that said…

1. Read More.

Learn something new. This helps with your self-worth.

2. Enjoy your alone time with yourself

This helps with inner peace.

3. Do one thing every day for your future.

This helps with confidence.

4. Express gratitude for your trials

You’re learning from them.

5. Express gratitude for your joys.

This will remind you what you have.

6. Loving yourself is more than bubble baths.

It’s mental and emotional love. Feed your soul.

7. Set goals so big you have to push yourself harder.

This will bring you confidence when you achieve them.

8. Be aware of your output verse input in your relationships.

Know your self-worth.

9. Be proud of your choices.

Giving you inner-peace.

Model & Writer: Michele Maturo (@michelematuro)
Photographer: Marilyn Hue (@marilynhue)
Stylist: Kevin Dihn (@kevin.dihn)

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