In Movies This Week: Zac Efron Thinks He’s the Next Diplo

Wanna hit the movies to watch Elisabeth Moss have a complete mental breakdown? Or stay in and hit netflix to be inspired by a kid who quits NYU to pursue his dreams of surfing? Here are Galore’s picks for what to see this week in theaters and on Netflix.


We Are Your Friends – August 28th

In Hollywood, 23-year-old Cole (Zac Efron) has big plans to take over the world with just one track that will propel him into the competitive yet lucrative music industry as a DJ. After DJ-ing at a party ,Cole is approached by James (Wes Bentley), a jaded, older DJ who takes him under his wing. But when Cole starts to fall for James’s beautiful, younger girlfriend Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), he discovers he is taking on more than he anticipated and must choose between music, love and loyalty. The film has been receiving mixed reviews, so don’t expect Efron to be the next Diplo. It hits theaters everywhere on Friday.

Queen of Earth – August 26th

After the nearly simultaneous death of her father and painful break-up with her boyfriend, Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) is at a low point. She heads to her best friend Virginia’s (Katherine Waterston) lake house in an effort to ease the pain and relax, but finds herself overcome with memories of her ex-lover. When Virginia spends more and more time with her love interest, Rich, (Patrick Fugit) and less time on Catherine, their friendship is put under serious strain and Catherine begins to spiral down a dark tunnel of madness. The film has been receiving rave reviews and looks to be a satisfying, scary psychological drama. It was released on August 26th and is currently playing in limited theaters.


White God – August 27th

Lili is forced to abandon her bloved dog Hagen because he is a mixed-breed deemed ‘unfit’ in her society. While Lili and Hagen begin a journey to find each other once again, Hagen becomes a new leader for all of the other ‘unfit’ dogs in society. The dogs start a revolt and are out for payback for the people who have wronged them with more and more abused and neglected canines joining the army. The Hungarian film received rave reviews as a powerful, ambitious and dark take on human brutality and authority as well as winning the Prize un Certain Regard at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Definitely watch this on Netflix when it lands on August 27th.

Ride – August 29th

Written by, directed by and starring Helen Hunt, Ride tells the story of an editor for the New York Times who dropped her son (Brenton Thwaites) off at college only to find out that he has dropped out and moved to LA to surf and find himself. She follows her son to the west coast, becomes friendly with a younger surf instructor (Luke Wilson) and realizes that her son isn’t the only one in need of a change of pace. It didn’t receive great reviews but could be worth a watch for Brenton Thwaites and the classic tale of self-discovery through the world of surfing. It hits the ‘flix on August 29th.

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