In Movies This Week: Plastic Surgery Has Never Been More Dangerous

Get ready to freak the f*ck out with this week’s horror film releases or stay in and snuggle to a Wes Anderson film or go vegan and save the planet with Netflix.


The Visit – September 11th

To grandmother’s house we go in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest feature which is of course deep in Pennsylvania farm land. Becca and her brother Tyler are out there visiting their grandparents alone and all seems pleasant until Grandma and Grandpa begin acting totally bizarre. Soon, the children discover a “secret” about their grandparents and fear for their own safety.

If you are completely unaware of who Shyamalan is you can crawl out from under your rock and go watch The Sixth Sense, Signs or The Village right now. Otherwise, you’ve probably been underwhelmed by the filmmaker’s work in recent years, but don’t let that put you to a halt; in the words of my hip friend Andrew who went to a pre-screening, “M. Night didn’t f*ck this one up!” It lands in theaters today, go see it if you weren’t invited to fashion week.

Goodnight Mommy – September 11th

Twin boys living in the European countryside welcome their mother home after she has had plastic surgery. With her face wrapped in bandages, she is unrecognizable. To make things weirder, she begins to act unrecognizable too, to the point that the boys begin to wonder if she is actually their mother… Needless to say, things get disturbing, violent and totally creepy. If you are anything like me and love a good horror film that is chock full of psychological family drama, fantasy and German language, forget The Visit and spend your money on THIS.

The Austrian horror film (titled Ich seh Ich seh in its native German language which means “I see I see”) not only has me on the tip of my toes ready to go and see it, but it couldn’t be more relevant. Germans are known to make terrifying horror films (read: watch the original Funny Games if you want to be seriously disturbed for a while) and Goodnight Mommy doesn’t look like it will disappoint when it hits indie theaters on Friday.


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – September 15th

Animal agriculture is the most destructive industry facing the planet today, and this daring documentary is here to tell and show you why. Toted as being “as inspiring as An Inconvenient Truth and eye-opening as Blackfish,” Cowspiracy is here to give you yet another reason to stop eating meat replace animal products with plants on your plates. You’re not the only person who benefits. It hits Netflix on September 15th.

Moonrise Kingdom – September 16th

If you didn’t get to see Wes Anderson’s delightfully quaint 2012 flick Moonrise Kingdom, you’re in luck. The story of two off-beat yet clever 12-year-olds who run away together is hitting Netflix on September 16th. It’s campy, it’s cute, it’s artsy and it’s heartwarming and most of all it’s hard not to love so cuddle up with your numba 1 whether human, animal or object and spoon to Moonrise Kingdom.

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