In Movies This Week: Cara Delevingne Drives a Boy Insane

Looking for a solid rom-com for date night with the boo-thang that maybe won’t make him or her cringe? Planning on staying in but want to watch a scary movie alone by yourself at night on Netflix just for the thrill of it? Here’s what to see this week in theaters and on Netflix.


Paper Towns – July 24th

The hype surrounding It-girl Cara Delevingne and It-actor Nat Wolff’s debut on screen together is finally coming to theaters this Friday. Paper Towns follows the story of Quentin (Wolff), a hapless romantic who becomes infatuated with his mysterious neighbor Margo (Delevingne) whom he calls “inarguably the most gorgeous creature God had ever created.” His obsession seems almost cringe-worthy, but it peaks when she finally talks to him by taking him on an adventure to help her avenge now ex-boyfriend who has been cheating on her. After this first encounter with Margo, Quentin (un)naturally falls in love with her which is poor timing as she then disappears the next day leaving only clues behind to help him find her. With the help of his friends, Quentin then goes on a quest to find the ever elusive Margo and fulfill his fairy tale fantasy. If you liked The Fault in our Stars, this is from the same author and reviews are generally in favor of the hype. Check out Paper Towns when it lands in theaters this Friday, July 24th.

Unexpected – July 24th

In inner-city Chicago, passionate high school teacher Samantha Abbott, played by How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders, finds out she is pregnant, an unforeseen event that she commits to. She finds out that one of her students, a young woman named Jasmine (Gail Bean) is also pregnant. The two become close and bond through their shared untentional pregnancies and the maternity that will effect the rest of their lives. The film has received solid reviews and lands in theaters in limited release this Friday, July 24th.


The Guest – July 25th

A mysterious soldier named “David” (Dan Stevens) shows up at the doorstep of the Peterson household shortly after the eldest Peterson son Caleb is killed in the war in Afghanistan claiming to have been Caleb’s best friend and fulfilling his promise to Caleb of taking care of his family after his death. The family reluctantly but hopefully lets him in and naturally, things get weird. The Guest is part horror, part mystery and part comedy in a way that works beautifully.

If you we’re a fan of recent horror flicks like It Follows and You’re Next that successfully blend horrific elements with a subtle black humor, you will love The Guest. I know I did. It hits Netflix Saturday, July 25th so get the popcorn out and get ready to laugh while you are undeniably freaked out.

Teacher of the Year – July 23rd

In this new comedy, teacher Mitch Carter (Matt Letscher) wins the “California Teacher of the Year” at Truman High School, a place full of eccentricity and fellow teacher Ronald Douche (Keegan Michael-King). Based on the trailer and limited reviews and exposure, Teacher of the Year looks to be the type of satirical comedy that could (or could not) be worth a few good laughs with its mockumentary style and ironic humor. Give it a try when it hits Netflix this week on Thursday, July 23rd.

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