In Honor Of ANTM’s Final Season, The Show’s 10 Most Fashionable Moments

It’s time to get nostalgic, because Tyra Banks announced today that this will be the last season of America’s Next Top Model, ever. No more dramatic makeover breakdowns. No more ridiculous aerial photoshoots, or Tyra Mail, or surprise double eliminations. Okay, so recent seasons have been more about typical reality-show shenanigans than the modeling competition itself, but there’s a lot we’re going to miss about this show in its heyday. Basically those photoshoots that had style thanks to Miss and Mr. Jay! To say goodbye, let’s take a loot at the most fashionable moments in ANTM’s 12 season, 22 cycle run.

Season 2, Garden Of Eden

Season 3, Geishas

Season 4, Zodiac

Season 6, Elephant Rides

Season 7, Model Stereotypes

Season 8, Old Glamour

Season 9, Smoking Kills

Season 11, Up Up And Away

Season 11, Under The Sea

Season 21, Ice Queens

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