In Defense Of The Thirsty Bitch


Ok ok, I tend to have a pattern of writing posts to defend a kind of behavior that I probably-definitely am guilty of.

I know exactly what thirsty is. For those who don’t, I’m not talking about being in a dessert without water, or taking a run without water, or having sex and their being no water to refresh yourself at the end NO. I’m talking about “these bitches be thirsty” basically referring to hoes/sluts, or wait maybe just women, who are desperate/gagging for dick/pussy, or wait just wanting to fulfil sexual needs.

I’ve seen what thirst means, I’ve been a thirsty bitch/hoe/slag, and it definitely looks way more tradge than it feels. This could be for a couple of reason. Your drunk- which always looks worse than it feels. Your horny- depending on the setting, can look pretty embarrassing.

One of my friends used to fawn over this girl, but once he’d seen she’d never leave the bar alone he was completely put off. This left me sort of depressed. One- I’ve been in that stage. Two- a woman’s desire to do this affects her desirability. She can only be desired when she’s not able to obtain any of her own desires?

It’s all very strange.

So thirsty pretty much encapsulates that- a woman who makes clear her desire. There’s such a small window for women to be express their desire for sex. My advice for women who do be thirsty on occasion, or everyday, is this: HAVE SEX WHEN YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX.

Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson is the Online Editor at Galore Mag. She specializes in slow jams, gold jewelry, fried chicken, and hating. Follow @FrankieFatGold

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