Imogen Anthony Proves There Are 6 Ways To Wear Leather In 90 Degree Heat

The mark of an ultimate bada$$ has not changed since the days of James Dean. A leather jacket is still the coolest piece that will never go out of style. Just ask the hundreds of girls who wear their live-in leathers with scarves and jeans all winter. But what do you do when the sun emerges and those heavy jackets are just too hot? We know it’s possible to sport leather all year, since the number one style moment in Grease featured Sandy in a black jacket at her high school’s summer carnival. But the story goes that an extra had to be rushed to the ER from heat stroke after shooting that scene, and we’re not about that (those hospital dressing gowns that leave your butt exposed give us the heebie-jeebies). So instead of a standard jacket, we started looking around for some other ways to wear hot weather leather.


For some leather advice, we hit up our favorite Australian designer of WTR, Imogen Anthony. She once told us “I design for a woman who knows who she is, a woman who isn’t afraid to share that with the world. If the world doesn’t like it, she’ll tell it to go f*ck itself.” In our opinion, that woman wears black leather, and we knew Imogen agreed after seeing her serving up attitude in a black leather catsuit topped with cherry red lips.

Do you remember your first ever real leather? Imogen’s was amazing: a vintage leather belt with a Harley Davidson belt buckle on it. We could tell that her style has has evolved elegantly since, by her recommendations for sneaking leather into every outfit:


Bodysuit  JESH CREATIVE & ​Heels Saint Laurent
1. Vintage Cowboy Boots: Frye is worth the investment.
3. Leather Chokers: Channel the goth vibes of baby Kate Moss.
4. Leather String: Wrap it around your ankles, legs, wrists & hair.
5. Leather Satchels: So much easier than a purse.
6. Leather Chaps: Back to Imogen’s motorcycle babe roots. Once a Harley girl, always a Harley girl…


Hair & Make up by Imogen Anthony

Styling by Marc James

Creative Direction by Imogen Anthony

Photography by Elvis Di Fazio

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