Imagining Dates With Our Fave Dudes To Stalk On Instagram

1) Jay Alvarez. This model/surfer is your classic Cali heartthrob. His instagram is full of sexy pics of his six pack and beautiful shots of the ocean. His causal way of saying “I’m an artist but I also just wanted you to know I definitely workout.” Your date will most likely include appreciating nature, nighttime skinny dipping, and some sandy beach sex. Chill.


2) Cameron Dallas. Apparently this dude needs no introduction cause he has like a billion followers. But if you’re like me and are super late to the Cameron Dallas party, then here’s what you’ve been missing out on. Cameron is known for being a v famous Viner (this is a thing I swear) and having a super popular YouTube account. He’s also funny as f*** and won a Teen Choice Award this year. For vining. But still. Cam is for all you ladies looking for a sweetheart with boyish charm. A date with Cam may entail hanging out in his parents’ basement and probably somehow end up on the internet, but with a guy this cute who the f*** cares.


3) Luke Davis Grey. If you can’t resist this surfer dude then you’re probably an artsy chick with some serious ~good vibes.~ Not only is Luke actually really good at surfing, he’s probably the only dude in the world that can change his hair color every week and pull it off. Tragically, Luke is currently dating longtime girlfriend and Galore bombshell Cailin Russo, so you can’t expect a date from him. But you can still totally stalk his instagram, we won’t judge.


4)Bradley Soileau. This Galore dude epitomizes the rockstar / heroine chic vibe. If Bradley does it for you, then you like a tatted dude that couldn’t give less of a f*** and is always down. A date with this bad boy will involve getting inappropriately turnt at some Brooklyn gallery opening and then f***ing in the bathroom of a dive bar in the Lower East Side. Rock on.


5) Marlon Teixeira. Marlon is for the ladies that like dudes that are really ridiculously good looking. If Marlon’s the one for you then you’re a romantic at heart and are currently waiting for that sexy foreign dude to come bring a little passion into your life. This Brazilian supermodel has the body of a Greek god, permanent five o’clock shadow, and constant sex hair. IDK how else to put it. He’s just rly hot. Your date with this down to earth prince charming will most likely involve drinks with his dope friends and then one of those chill model house parties where everyone’s really attractive.


6)Jon Kortajarena. This Spanish model/actor is for the girls that want a dude to show them the finer things in life. He speaks three languages, travels constantly, and seems to be friends with every famous person ever. A date with Jon will most likely be at the hottest club of the moment where you guys will make out at his table all night.


7) Simon Hrm. This Galore guy is for all the ladies constantly finding themselves attracted to the hot cocky dude that just can’t commit. This Persian/Danish model’s instagram seems to imply that he does not own a shirt, but he looks so good that we’re not complaining. Go on a date with Simon and you can expect the best one night stand of your life, but definitely nothing more from this heartbreaker.


8) Tyson Beckford. Tyson’s for the mature ladies tired of dealing with the BS of guys their own age. You’re over 20 year old dudes that are bad in bed and looking for a real man to treat you right. This supermodel has been around the block and knows what he wants. A date with Tyson will entail dinner at a New York restaurant you could never afford followed by drinks on the terrace of his penthouse.


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