I’m Still Pro-Hillary, But Megyn Kelly Just Won My #WCW Vote

Fox News host Megyn Kelly, with her virtually ageless face (she’s 45. I googled it while watching. It’s absurd. The J.Lo effect is crazy.) and serpent-like moderating tactics, killed it at the Republican Debate last night.

All eyes were on Megyn, the well-known journalist, pundit, commentator and host of “The Kelly File” after Donald Trump, who first ran into Kelly’s no-nonsense questioning at this year’s first Republican debate, has since decided he doesn’t like Kelly, which is pretty much a thinly-veiled way of saying he’s absolutely terrified of her.

In the first debate, she put him through a hard line of tough, but fair questions, including an inquiry as to whether his temperament is one fit for presidency, based on the fact that he refers to women as “pigs”, “dogs”, “slobs”, and “disgusting animals”.

In an interview the day later on CNN, Trump claimed that Kelly probably had “blood coming out of her wherever” when she asked him that question. Since then, he’s gone on Twitter rants trashing her:


Then most recently, cited her as a large part of his reasoning for opting out of last night’s debate, claiming that Kelly is a “‘lightweight’ who doesn’t ask fair questions.”

Kelly may be a lot of things, including the face of a news channel that stands for a lot of things I could not ever co-sign or believe in, but she is no lightweight.

During last night’s debate, she asked Jeb Bush if his campaign focus on targeting other Republican candidate’s advertisements and campaigns would have a negative outcome for the Republican party altogether, since, as his position as a member of the Bush family would clearly lose against the Clintons’ reputation in Washington. Everybody hates the Bush family.

She asked Ben Carson how he would speak to the same female Muslim veteran who addressed Hillary Clinton earlier this week about the rise of Islamophobia in the United States. Carson, a neurosurgeon, is probably one of the least dynamic people I’ve seen on a television screen in a while, basically needed to prove that he wouldn’t be the most AWKWARD person of all time, and failed.

She used video montages of the candidates own words against them, especially grilling Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz on their flip-flopping position towards amnesty. Basically, (and this is fucked up), Rubio goes back and forth between his position on whether he’ll create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Cruz, on the other hand, has claimed to have been against legalization of immigrants all along, until Kelly showed a video of him saying otherwise. An excellent debater, Cruz tried to slimy-slide his way out of the issue afterwards, but it was too late—the damage was done.

The debate, which with 12.5 million viewers, drew some of the lowest numbers to date (2nd-lowest of the last 7, to be exact). It’s unfortunate, because had Trump been there, perhaps more would have watched, and then more would have seen Megyn Kelly, star of the entire show. She didn’t let any of the candidates off the hook, and it was friggin’ awesome.

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