Why I’m Obsessed With Aussie Boys

The other day it dawned on me that my future husband is going to be Australian, and it made so much sense.

I’m not sure why I’ve been messing with all these fuckboys in the US, when in fact Australian men are where it’s at.

Though they are harder to find in the States (except Williamsburg which is CRAWLING with Aussies), Australians love to travel which means they’re always around.

Also on Tinder they will always state they are Aussies, making our job one step easier. Anyway, here’s why I’m obsessed with Aussie boys.

1. The Australian Accent

Okay this might be 70% why we love them. Anything they say will be sexier, but I promise they have other great traits too.

2. They didn’t vote for Trump

Perhaps even more enticing: they were not involved in the last election cycle at all.

3. They know how to party

These men have been drinking since they were 12, so they don’t get frat boy sloppy like it’s their first times drinking on their own.

4. Australians are beautiful

The genetics in Australia are amazing. Tan and fit men everywhere.

5. They are surfer boys

That’s basically the only reason we all love California boys, right? Well, Australian men are the upgraded version.

6. You can have summer all year long with them

When it’s summer in the US it’s winter in Australia and vice versa. So you can set it up to besummer all year long with your man. Plus, the minimum wage is more in Australia.

7. Australians dress better

As a culture they tend to dress better than the casual male in the US. It’s the European roots. So that will be a +4 for me.

8. They swear and laugh more

Your own personal potty-mouth won’t be a surprise for these men. As a culture they cuss more than Americans. Culturally, Australians are more easy-going, making everyone lil jokesters.

9. Aussies are Faithful

An international survey found that Australian men tend to be some of the most faithful men in the world.

The list of reasons why to date and Australian can go on and on. Take notes from our girl Miley Cyrus and wife one up yourself.

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