Artist Ilse Valfré Designs For Every Girl, The Weird & The Sassy

Interview by Alexandra Mandelkorn

Artwork by Ilse Valfré

If anyone knows what a girl likes, it’s artist and designer Ilse Valfré. Her unique art is whimsical, magical and cute – with each design she takes you deeper into her female dimension. We decided to chat with her about the weird, the real and the fantasy behind her latest projects. See what she had to say, below!

Tell us about the Valfre girl! Who is she? What does she believe in?

She is a sassy girl living life just like everybody else, same struggles in love, work, and friends. She believes in Aliens and Conspiracy Theories (of course). And she is learning not to care what other people think of her.

When did you first start coming up with the Valfre girl concept?

I can’t really remember when it happened, but I have always been a girly girl at heart and I absolutely love drawing, so the concept just came up naturally.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everyday life, friends, girls I see on the street, movies, books, colors,  anything that makes me feel some sort of connection to my creative side.

You create a lot of really adorable and fantastical (sushi mermaids! alien babes!) Valfre girls, and they still come off as strong, feminist ladies! How do you create the balance?

Just because a gal likes pink and glitter doesn’t mean she can’t be tough or strong 🙂 

To me, feminism has never really been about man-hating or bashing a girl for shaving her legs,  it’s more about acknowledging injustice and celebrating our womanhood. 

If there was one thing you could change in the world right now, what would it be?

More family values and more rain in California…please!

Can you tell us the Valfre girl’s beauty regimen?

After she wakes up in the morning and brushes her teeth she puts on her fake eyelashes, lots of pink blush over her beautiful star freckles. Then she takes off her hair curlers and sprays a lot of Aqua Net to keep it fresh.


Where in LA can we find the Valfre girl hanging out this summer?

Karaoke nights at KTown, Alfred’s Coffee Shop, Sugar Fish and Sun-Bathing in Malibu. 

What song is the Valfre girl dancing to these days? 

The Growlers album “Chinese Fountain” and Off Montreal’s  “Aureate Gloom” and of course anything by Bob Marley. 

Anything new we can we look forward to rocking from Valfre this summer? 

Yeah, we’re really excited about our new Shellphone and upcoming line of dresses and accessories. 

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