Illustrator Natalie Krim Makes ‘Playful, Dark & Sarcastic’ Art

You may recognize Natalie Krim from some of our previous editorials by Rachel Roze, they have worked together frequently to create some really intriguing and compelling shoots. We spoke to her about her illustrations and what makes her laugh & cry.





How would you describe your drawings?
My illustrations are playful sometimes dark or sarcastic representations of my personal experiences.

What turns you on?
Paper and coffee.

What makes you cry? What makes you laugh?
I cry over everything! Rachel used to call me “Natie cries”. I walked into an antique store the other day and saw a Louis Icart drawing and just about lost it. I’m very sensitive, I guess, and I have very little control over my emotions; I’m working on that though.


I like people that have a very dry sense of humor or those who border on complete insanity or complete genius; they seem to make me laugh the most.

You are often photographed by Rachel Roze, what is it like working with her?
It’s like we go into an alternate universe when we work together where time doesn’t exist. Rachel allows me to be all my different sides when she photographs me because I know she can see my darkness or my vulnerabilities as beautiful. The experience is just real. Rachel is like “go eat this huge cheeseburger and down a milkshake and then I’ll photograph you naked.”

When I work with her It’s never about making a sexual image even if the content might be. We are always working through issues on a deeper level than that. People can see an image of me with a gag ball in my mouth, for example, and view it as sexual or degrading or hateful towards women and I see it as my struggle communicating verbally and you get that. She gets me. It’s inspiring to work with her.



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