Illuminati Lizards And 10 Other Halloween Costumes For Couples

As we’ve already established numerous times this month, Halloween is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re in love – mostly because the majority of couples costumes make any sane person, in a relationship or otherwise, want to barf.  Here are 12 that won’t.

Britney And Justin Circa 2001


Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Because what better way to say, ‘our love will last forever’ than by choosing to commemorate a love that lasted for just a couple more months.

Dead Baes


Josh Duhamel // Instagram

Okay, so admittedly there’s absolutely nothing original about this costume, but as Fergie and Josh Duhamel show, when done right, this is a showstopping costume.

Slutty Pizza Rat



This was the first idea that I brought to my boyfriend for our costume, and just because he wasn’t about it doesn’t mean that all my brainstorming has to go to waste!  This costume is really simple – one of you gets to dress up like a slice of pizza and the other gets to dress up like a rat and wear a shirt that says ‘slut’ on it.  You may not be the only slutty pizza rat at the party, but you will be the only slutty pizza rat who won’t be embarrassed by it in 5 years.

Paula Deen and a Stick of Butter


Diana Hibbs

There’s nothing more American than obesity and allowing racists a second chance at fame, so what better way to celebrate than by dressing up as as Paula Deen and a Stick of Butter?

The Cheerleaders From Sugar and Spice


Have you ever noticed that couples costumes tend to be soooooo heteronormative?  Well, here’s an alternative: dress like the cheerleaders from the often forget about classic Sugar and Spice.  

Lightening Bolt + An Electrocuted Person


Julie Ann Art

Just lol

King Kong and Anna Darrow


Instagram user caceecobb

If you like classic films, or just happen to be a sucker for a whimsical costume, this is the kind of couples costume you need to emulate.

Illuminati Lizard People


Everybody loves a good Illuminati conspiracy theory, so why not bring your favorite to life by dressing up like Illuminati Lizard People, aka your favorite celebrities without any makeup on.

The Dead Kennedys


This one’s kind of a groaner, but you get the picture.

Bob Ross + Painting


There’s a chance that you’ll have a good amount of explaining to do here, but still, this is a great couples costume.

Miley Cyrus and Marijuana


Also a great idea, Mr and Mrs Baked Potato Head.


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