11 Best Memes Of Iggy’s Grammy-Do

Oh, how the internet <3’s Iggy Azalea. The braided crown she wore to offset her custom-made Armani Prive on the Grammy’s red carpet inspired more memes than we’ve ever seen in one place, and considering we’re huge Tumblr trolls, that’s saying something. Was Iggy trying to channel her roots on the Australian outback? Was she particularly hungry for Ramen noodles when she talked to her stylist? Or was the ‘do a scheme to break the internet a la Kimmy K? If it was the last one, she’s definitely succeeded. We’ve been scrolling all day to see the best of the Grammy style memes, and Iggy’s hair choice has been featured more than a few times. Which is your favorite interpretation: Marge Simpson, a bread basket, or a birds nest? Here’s the round-up. Enjoy!

galore_mag_iggy_birdsnest galore_mag_iggy_braid galore_mag_iggybraid galore_mag_iggy_stark_game_of_thrones galore_mag_iggy_ceasar galore_mag_iggy_bread galore_mag_iggy_bird galor_mag_iggy_marge_simpson galore_mag_iggy_farmer galore_mag_iggy_birds_nest1 galore_mag_iggyramen

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