Someone Turned Sarah Palin’s Insane Trump Speech Into an Iggy Azalea Rap…

Today in things that were just a bit much, Sarah Palin delivered an endorsement of Donald Trump on live TV. You can read the full text and weep for democracy here.

And as if that weren’t enough of a sign that the end times are near, someone then mashed up Palin’s insane rant with an Iggy Azalea freestyle. The resulting video is pretty tough to shake from your mind.

First, Palin’s speech. It was called “raucous” by ABC News, which is just another way of saying “adorably folksy but terrifying.” During the tirade, the failed reality star and even-more-failed vice presidential candidate unfortunately uttered the phrase “pussy-footing around” in her trademark Fargo-meets-Alaska accent. Like the Freedom Kids’ ode to Trump last week, that one soundbite will unfortunately be stuck in our heads for the next year or so.

But the real treat came after the speech was over, when someone dubbed Palin’s speech over an unfortunate Iggy Azalea performance from a few years ago and made it into a Vine.

First take a look at the source material, Iggy’s actual performance:

It went viral because Iggy was — erm — just talking so fast that no one knew what she was saying.

Now, here’s the Palin-ified Vine. This is taken from an actual political speech, you guys.


The Vine’s now blowing up, with 70,000 views in less than 24 minutes.

But let’s focus on the good times, shall we? Here are a few Vine spoofs that resulted from Iggy’s original performance:

And again, here’s the new Vine:

As you can see, something about Palin’s fascist ramblings and Iggy’s garbled bars make this the most appropriate combo since Tony Montana and mountains of coke. And it’ll make you feel just as edge-of-your-seat uncomfortable.

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