If you’re too lazy/broke for lash extensions, this product is for you

Eyelash extensions are the new hair extensions. And all your friends and the baddies you see on Instagram are probably falling victim to this trend. I have actually seen people combing their faux lashes in public because the upkeep of those babies is so excessive.

If there’s a gust of wind you have to walk with your head down, and risk running into one of those poles that pop out of nowhere. What if colored mascara comes in style! You’re screwed because with extensions you are banned from rocking mascara. Well, technically it’s because you’re not supposed to need it, but still.

Also, the COST. You have to get your eyelash extensions constantly refilled and redone or otherwise you look like a mess. Or like me, that one time I tried to trim my glue-on lashes and accidentally cut my own. Let me tell you, it’s not a cute look.

So, if you’re a broke, lazy bb and you are deathly afraid of losing what little eyelashes you have, then you are probably looking for an alternative. Well, don’t worry you are not alone.

This product might the answer to your prayers to the beauty gods.

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RevitaLash – $85

According to RevitaLash’s website, a tube of the lash serum is going to set you back $85, but this stuff lasts quite a bit if you use it sparingly. Plus, you can self apply the magical growing serum in the comfort of your own bathroom. Apply, wait for it dry and then slap on makeup (or not!) as usual. Easy squeezy.

My mom used Revitalash and her eyelashes grew substantially. They are so long they almost have to be trimmed. Not only are they long, but they are full and fluffy, just like the highly sought after lash extensions.

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The only bummer with the product is you have to wait two weeks to see results, but persistence is key. I tried the product and my eyes turned red, but I was told by my mom and a slew of others, that I was being ridiculous. Considering I have allergies (that result in red itchy eyes) it’s possible I confused the two. And it appears that is the case.

I have since retried the product and have seen no signs of redness or itchiness. I have only been using it a week, so results aren’t fully in, but I do see a small difference, specifically in the aforementioned area of my lashes where I had accidentally given them an unnecessary trim job.

So, Revitalash seems to be worth a try, because it could save you a hell of a lot money and effort with the same end game: fuego eyelashes.

Or you can try mascara and lash fibers, but beware those will fall in your eyes. You may start involuntarily fluttering your eyes, making strangers think you are low key hitting on them. If you want to go that route Tarte makes a pretty handy little kit. See here.

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