If You Want To #FreeTheNipple, Blame Apple, Not Instagram

If you spend a few minutes on Tumblr, you will probably see enough naked bodies to fulfill your weekly quota, and enough porn to make you a little bit horny. However, when you log onto Instagram, you’re faced with taco emojis over nipples and black bars covering breasts. As soon as someone posts a nipple, they are immediately warned that they can lose their Instagram account…and it doesn’t matter if you’re an A-lister celeb like Rihanna or Chelsea Handler, the rules still apply to you.

However, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has finally explained why Instagram adheres to such strict rules regarding the female breasts, and he’s blaming Apple instead. Apparently, to be listed in the Apple app store, an app needs to have a minimum age rating. Instagram is listed as ages 12 and up, which makes it not able to show nudity, as Apple’s standards require a rating of 17 and up to show nudity.

While we can somewhat understand not wanting to expose the 6th graders on Instagram to the porn we see on Tumblr, it’s also been brought to our attention that Twitter has a age rating of ages 4 and up, and somehow we manage to see naked chicks (or dudes) on Twitter (generally in the form of creepy porn accounts like @Ilovepussydaily) all the time.

Moreover, we’re still confused why people have gotten away with posting nude female pictures with male nipples photoshopped onto them, and why men (such as Orange Is The New Black‘s Matt Mcgorry) have gotten away with posting their own shirtless pics with superimposed female nipples.

Why does Instagram have to be such a stickler to the rules anyways? We’re pretty sure if they changed their age rating to 17, we would just have a bunch of pre-teens lying about their age to register like in the early Myspace days. Yet, Instagram’s decision just further instills the constant sexualization of women’s bodies that we see every day. If a guy is shirtless, it’s probably just hot outside. If a girl is shirtless, or even in a sports bra, she’s asking for attention or is dubbed “skanky.” Clearly if you want to post your nudes, whether it’s a selfie or an artistic photoshoot, you still won’t be posting them on Instagram anytime soon.

Cover photo courtesy of Huffington Post UK

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