If Euphoria & Thirteen Had a Baby It Would Look Like This Beauty Shoot

Wanna know what would happen if Euphoria and Thirteen had a baby? 

Okay, I mean maybe that wasn’t on the top of your mind — but it does sound like something you might think about while you were high? Maybe? 

Anyway, even if you weren’t wondering — I bet now you are, right? After all, both these teen-centric masterpieces were honestly iconic.

An awesome team of models, photographers, makeup artists, and more got together to create this epic photoshoot and we’re seriously getting inspired. Check it out below…and if you decide to copy the epic Galore face tattoo seen in these shots, we won’t blame you.

Location – Grit n Glory Tattoo

Photography – Genevieve Andrews

MUA – Randy

Hair – Sidnee

Videographer/Director/Editor – John Hammond

Model 1 – Naomi

Model 2 – Dee

Model 3 – Blaise

Wardrobe Stylist – Tony Rainwater

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