Which iconic Juicy Couture moment matches your astrology sign?

In case you weren’t aware, Juicy Couture has been the cornerstone in all things pop culture fashion. From icons like Britney Spears strutting down the parking lot to get some groceries in her pink Juicy tracksuit to JLo groovin on the basketball court in her terrycloth shorts set in her music video “I’m Real,” Juicy Couture took over the pop culture scene and our hearts.

Rest assured, this isn’t BS. Your sign will finally be cemented along with the pop culture legends who graced our screens with the glorious, multi-colored, velour tracksuits we all come to know and love today. Read more to see which moment fits your sign the best!

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Nicole Richie from The Simple Life

Well hey there my social butterflies!! You guys are always the life of the party and can socialize with anybody your heart desires, just like Nicole Richie. All you need is your best friend in hand, your Juicy Couture on you, and a place to be at and you will captivate a whole room. Isn’t life so simple?



How cute is she? #NorthWest suited up in her very own pink Juicy tracksuit! #TRACKISBACK

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North West in Juicy Couture

Pisces are the most creative and artistic out of the astrology bunch. So it is only right to have North West, the daughter of Kanye West (who we all know is a musical genius), rep your sign! This future music chart killer has rad style and is, of course, on trend at an early age with the Juicy tracksuit thanks to her mama.



Cheetah Girls celebrating sisterhood in their Juicy Tracksuits

Energetic. Daring. Brash. You guys tell it like it is, even when no one asks. You all need a bold ass tracksuit to match your bold ass personality and you can choose from any of our Cheetah girl queens. Snatch wigs with your looks and your truth like the Cheetah girls did. Stand together my Aries sistas!!!


Britney Spears running normal errands while wearing Juicy Couture

My earth sign queens!!! Tauruses are in love with all things comfort, luxury, and beauty since our ruling planet is Venus (the planet that rules all things love, art, and beauty). You will always catch them placing comfort over strenuous activities like going to red carpet events or getting ready to go to school. That’s why Britney Spears wearing Juicy Couture literally everywhere in the early 2000’s is super inspirational and aspirational. Bow down to the Juicy Queen.



We got our eyes on @keke 🕶, 📸 @rickytvn #JuicyXUO #UOExclusive #imsojuicy

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Keke Palmer looking shady in her Juicy Couture

Everyone tends to dislike you guys, my lovely Geminis. But not I, I think you are misunderstood. You tend to come off as shady and problematic when in reality you guys just shed some light on situations in a funny way. Keke Palmer definitely is a shade princess and you wanna know what the gag is? She’s not afraid to look problematic to others, which I LOVE about her. Be unapologetically you Geminis, there are some people out there who love you for it.




Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls

Cancers are definitely sweethearts. Either Cancers are the mom in their girl group or the most reliable friend. They definitely know how to make sure everyone is taken care of whether it is emotionally or physically. If you have a daughter, you will definitely wear matching Juicy tracksuits while offering her friends cookies at their sleepovers just like Mrs.George.




Paris Hilton in any Juicy tracksuit

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins… and that’s definitely you, my fashionista Leo!! You guys are always ahead on the fashion scene because you love the way you look and aren’t shy to show it. You embody the spirit of the patron saint of Juicy Couture: Paris Hilton. Because you all know what’s poppin in the fashion scene and aren’t afraid to wear 20 different variations of the same style, as long as it’s cute.



Queen Bey rockin her Juicy sweats

Virgos are the biggest perfectionists and most focused out of all the signs, just like your Virgo queen, Beyonce!! Y’all will have 20 million things going inside your mind but no one will see you break a sweat in your Juicy sweats. You will make sure everything is in place, down to your Juicy bracelet.


#TBT I miss you boo💗

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Kim Kardashian laying on a car in her Juicy tracksuit

Libras ooze sophistication and beauty because your ruling planet is also Venus, just like you star sign cousin Taurus! Y’all appreciate the beauty of art and typically portray yourselves as art. This pic of Kim Kardashian sprawled out on her Range Rover in her Juicy tracksuit should be portrayed in the MoMA, just like all Libras should be .



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Tinashe in her latest Juicy Campaign

Crazy. Sexy. Cool. Those three adjectives describes my Scorpio queens to a T. Y’all put heat and passion into anything you touch so being a limited edition campaign with Tinashe in 2017 definitely fits your caliber of fire. Bring back the 2000s in a hot way!



Jlo wearing a Juicy set in her video “I’m Real”

Y’all are the sporty girl gang of the signs. Sagittarians stay domineering life with their competitive mindset, on and off the courts. So, even when they are in a basketball court shooting hoops with your boo like JLo did with Ja Rule, you can count on Sagg’s to wear their cute Juicy set while breaking a sweat.



 Kylie Jenner showing off her juicy sweats in a IG photo

Capricorns are natural grinders, go getters, big ballers, and shot callers! Y’all are most likely to be famous and successful because of your ambition and drive (and if you don’t believe me check this out ) so why not take the chance to flaunt it a bit in a IG pic like Kylie Jenner? Go ahead! You deserve it mama.

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