iamBADDLUCK’s New Vid Makes Us Wonder if She’s a Witch IRL

On this fine Friday the 13th, singer iamBADDLUCK is helping us out with a new dance tune that’ll make you wanna cast your spells and dance hard in the moonlight. Her new single, “Oath,” has killer vocals that sound like she could be closely related to Bebe Rexha, with sick choral chants that give it that gothic darkness over top of those pop beats a la Beyonce.

Collabing with Director Angelo Kritikos for her first vid, she gives us those girl cult vibes of “The Craft” that we love oh-so-much. She also has us wondering if she might actually be a witch in real life….

Check the video out below, and then stick around for a love spell she’s shared just with us!


Are you a witch IRL?

Just ask my cat Linus.

Your debut music video for Oath is so haunting! Tell us about the process and how the concept came about.

I wanted to shoot an American Horror Story inspired Pop music video and really bring my brand to fruition. I teamed up with Visual-King Angelo Kritikos and we started bouncing ideas back and forth. We kept the process organic and didn’t have a traditional concrete video treatment. We just knew the direction we wanted to go and ran with it.  

Did you really make your Coven girls levitate in the video?

Most definitely.

We love the dark fashion looks in the vid! What inspired the clothing for Oath?

I wanted to merge traditional Salem looks with one of a kind fashion pieces since I’m obsessed with fashion! I’m wearing a gorgeous gown by Marmar Halim, a lace dress by Jun Escario, and the headpiece crown is Amato Couture. Other designers featured are Manohki and Michael Ngo who designed the iconic studded mask.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

I’m intense in life and in love. ‘Oath’ is my fucked up love song about proving yourself. I don’t mess around when it comes to dating. I’m like, “Swear your soul to me, let’s have a little seance and then we can go to dinner and a movie…”

Valentine’s Day is around the corner… Can you share one of your Love-Spells?

This one is in Latin. It’s a love-binding spell. ‘Tactus adfectus, actus maledictum, fascinare tuum encouraged, fascinare mens debilis.’

What about a spell to keep away our ex-lovers?

The geniuses over at Apple figured that one out. It’s called “Block This Caller” – best spell yet!

What do you predict 2017 has in store for iamBADDLUCK?

My second single is on the way, and I’ll be playing some live shows in the Spring.

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Hair by Jeanne San Siego and Wardrobe Styling by Alyssa Greene


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