Yay! Falcons Just Dropped An EP And Is About To Go On Tour

Falcons, the LA-based producer and Fool’s Gold signee, is from Texas. Sort of. He’s kinda from all of the place. “It’s a long story,” he sighed to me over the phone. “But basically, by the time I was 18 years old, I couldn’t stand to be in the south. I checked out Vancouver for a while, which is a really dope city—the weather is perfect and everybody’s nice. I worked, chilled, did graphics for a little, and then I started making music.”

How did a kid working in Vancouver, pursuing graphic design end up as a producer in Los Angeles? How did he find, and keep, motivation to make his new EP? Does he smoke weed? Here’s how did he those things, and hint: he doesn’t smoke weed, but he’s a pretty cool guy, and does other cool things—read about those also, below.

Galore: DJ Nina Las Vegas was recently talking to me about her background in graphic design—why do so many people in that field end up as musicians?

F: She’s a good friend of mine, actually. For producers, especially in our niche genre, which is somewhat atmospheric, it’s about more than just creating a sense of basic human emotions, it’s about building a full climate. So I would say my stuff sounds like it has more of a rainforest, jungle-y vibe, and that’s something that can be aided by having a good understanding of visuals. I’ll even visualize that type of scene when I’m making a track, and I’ll add elements to it to create that vibe. I think a lot of producers do that.

You really visualize that when you’re working?

F: Yes, especially for my my most recent project, Terra. The first track swayed that vision. When I made it, I realized it was built with very tropical sound palette and elements. So I gave that track to my 3D illustrator, who made a very tropical looking cover. That kind of narrowed things down in terms of my ideas for the EP.

But like, what attracts you to that?

F: I don’t know what it is, really. I’ve always been into that, since I was a kid. I love living in hot areas, and I’ve always been into that climate. I also think it’s an interesting visual world. It matches my named, and you know, I like nature, and like, hiking…[Laughing].

Does your environment influence the work you make?

F: I’m not sure, because I think I can work in any setting. I mean, I probably work best in a studio, but I also work really well in my room. We’re so lucky these days, that as producers, we can just work on our laptop, in bed.

Where did you learn to make music?

F: My family’s always been pretty involved in music. I always played a lot of instruments growing up, but never got really good at one specific instrument. Both my dad and my grandpa were radio DJs, and were in bands and stuff. I never really thought I would go into that, but my dad always did—he said I wouldn’t do graphics. The idea and support were always there, it was just about realizing I could do that.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

F: I guess I would say Cuba. I think it’s really visually interesting and culturally interesting, and now with the embargo up. And Africa would be dope. I’ve never been there, and don’t really know much about it, but I think that’d be awesome.

What’s your favorite animal movie? 

F: Um, I’m not sure. What about Milo and Otis? I haven’t seen it since I was probably 5 or something, but I remember crying while watching it.

[Laughing] Isn’t there like, no dialogue at all in that movie? It’s just the misadventures of two animals with no dialogue. 

F: Is there none? I guess not. It’s just a nice animal movie.

What’s a really great concert you went to lately?

F: Hmm, I’ve been mostly just working super hard lately, I haven’t been able to see many concerts. I went to Coachella though, and I saw Drake. That was pretty cool. I saw AC/DC, which I wouldn’t normally have gone to, but it was cool to see their performance. They’re so old, but they were killing it. I was just watching the one old dude running around in short-shorts. He’s like 70. That’s pretty impressive.

And so you’ve been working super hard? How do you keep up your motivation?

F: [Laughing] I’ve been asking myself that a lot lately, actually. I drink a lot of coffee

Do you smoke weed?

F: No, I don’t do that anymore. That’s not part of my process. I think for me, because my process of working is so technical, to work with Ableton and stuff, I really can’t be out of it. To get my ideas out, I need to be pretty sharp. I wonder how rappers do that sometimes, how they’re even able to tour while getting fucked up like that. Going on tour is so grueling. I’ve done lean once and I slept until 8 PM the next day.

Seriously? Was it fun?

F: [Laughing] Eh, it was alright. It wasn’t the greatest. My friend just had some, so I tried it. But maybe don’t put this on record [Laughing].

No, it’s cool, it makes you edgy! [Laughing] Tell me, who makes music now, that’s really exciting to you?

F: My friend Mr. Carmack. When he’s in work mode, he probably makes like 10 beats in a day. And the thing about his music, is that it’s breaking all the music rules in different ways. And this ‘fuck it’ mentality is definitely helping him build him a following. That attitude, that disregard for rules, is also kind of what Timbaland did, who I listened to a lot growing up.

Are you doing that?

F: I wouldn’t say I’m striving to break the rules. I just try to do things differently. And I actually try not to listen to current stuff, because that can be very influencing. And it’s so easy to sound like everybody else these days, since we’re all using the same software.

Did you see Straight Outta Compton?

F: No, is it good?

It was alright, although kind of strange to watch a movie produced by Dr. Dre about how awesome Dr. Dre is. I liked the article that Dee Barnes wrote about it afterwards more, I think.

F: Yeah, I wasn’t initially too interested in seeing it. I’m a pretty visual person, and I know this isn’t that important, but I didn’t even like the way the outfits looked that they had the characters in. But my friends have been saying it’s good, so maybe I’ll see it.

Maybe you can take some lean and see it. 

F: [Laughing] Ayyy—I’ll do it for hip hop.

And so you’re going on tour, right? Tell the people where they can find you.

F: So I’m playing Fool’s Gold Day Off in New York next week. I’m doing a full North America tour for the new EP, and the bulk of it is going to start next week. I’m hitting all of the states, and then Canada. I’m pretty stoked.

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