I Scream Colour On Drawing The Perfect Bombshell

We chatted with the crazily talented Humberto Cruz, aka I SCREAM COLOUR, about his artistic beginnings, favorite bands, and upcoming art plans. The passionate artist draws inspiration from pop culture, the colorfulness of day to day life, and vintage stickers. Peep the interview below:


How did you get into art?

I started drawing when I was like 3 or 4.  I used to watch the little mermaid a hundred times and I would pause a scene to draw it.

Favorite band of all time?

Spice Girls!

If you could be any female musician who and why?

Vanessa Paradis because she’s gorgeous, and I love the gap between her teeth.

Sailormoon or Jem?


What is your favorite color to draw with?

Baby blue.

What are your plans for 2015?

Working on bigger and fun projects, design t-shirts and hopefully become a full time illustrator.

What song is stuck on repeat when you draw?

“Put your number in my phone” by Ariel Pink.


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