I Played A Fun Game With DJ Nina Las Vegas Involving World Domination

Who better to play a game (that I probably invented) called ‘Free Association: Music Edition’ with than a DJ? Australian native and Fool’s Gold co-sign Nina Las Vegas is infiltrating the United States heavy this summer, including upcoming performances at Los Angeles’ otherwise male-dominated HARD Fest. “As of next week, I’ve got 8 shows in the next 14 days,” she said over the phone, “But right now, I’m hanging out at my friend Cashmere Cat’s apartment in Chelsea.” Amidst hangout session, I explained the game, where I’d name either a phrase, situation, or thing, and she’d respond with the first corresponding song that came to mind. The results? Nina Las Vegas is an awesome DJ, I’m an awesome game inventor, and now you’ll know exactly what songs to play when you’re taking over the world, pretending to orgasm, or gaining 2 million followers on Instagram. 


“She’s a massive influence. I was studying graphic design when her and Diplo came out with the first album, and I remember being completely blown away. Yup, I studied graphic design, which generally means you’re a nerd. My sessions in Ableton are so clean, because I still feel my process is so visual, you know? All the shortcuts are so aesthetic, that to me, it feels like a similar process to graphic design. If I’m writing a song or working on a mix, I’ll do a million different versions of one loop, and then I’ll cut things off and refine.”

THE PHRASE “FUCK BITCHES, GET MONEY”: Bitch Better Have My Money” – Rihanna

“I’m a big dancehall fan, so I love a lot of Rihanna’s old island tracks. I saw her at one of her first showcases with Ne-Yo, in Australia and it was amazing. She must have been really young at the time, and there were like 30 people there—it must have been 2005. She didn’t look at the crowd, and looked super nervous. I remember it specifically because she said, “I’m so excited to be in Australia for the first time!” and the friends I was with were like, “Uh, it’s not, we saw you here a few months ago.” But I saw her perform recently, and she killed it. She was so fire. She almost didn’t have to move too much, her confidence was just so perfect.”

LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY: “Virginity” – Vybez Cartel

“Jamaican artists say the dirtiest words! This song is crazy. Oh, also I’ve been getting into “The Very First Breath” by Hudson Mohawke, off his new album—that feels very first time-y.” 

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: “Lipsynch” – Joseph Marinetti

“Right now, I’m really into instrumental stuff and cute melodic pop. A really cool artist called Joseph Marinetti has a clubby, experimental song called “Lipsynch”, which is pretty weird. Or maybe some early Cut Copy, like the song “Future”. And a Kanye track too, for sure!”


“That’s social media gold right there.”


“I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) – Jamie Xx and Young Thug.

“Because you have to remember that things will get better, right?”

SOMEONE GOES DOWN ON YOU: “Fuck You All The Time” – Jeremih 

“Or really, any Vybez Kartel song.”

FOR A FAKE ORGASM: “Nothing More To Say” – Sophie

“For a moment like that, it has to be a somewhat distracted, superficial song.”

FOR AUSTRALIA: “Let it Happen” – Tame Impala.

FOR AMERICA: Anything by Taylor Swift. 

“Anything by Taylor Swift just screams ‘American’ to me. Or maybe Big Sean. We don’t really have an urban market in Australia, since we don’t have a massive black community. We do have some Sudanese and Nigerian communities through refugee programs, but apart from Iggy—who puts on a southern accent—we don’t have many rappers. I love coming to the states and listening to rap music. But Taylor Swift is just so American.”  

KIM KARDASHIAN: “West Coast” – Lana Del Rey

“Or Big Sean’s “IDFWU”. That could be a good song for her. I’m of Armenian descent and I’m a fan—I know she loves Lana.” 


“I’m a Wings fan as well, because my dad loves Paul McCartney as much as The Beatles. I like all the early ones too, but “Eleanor Rigby” is really my song.” 

LOVE SONG: “Boyfriend” – Best Coast

“Well, love songs come to me with being in love with people. For example, I can’t listen to LCD Soundsystem because of a certain boyfriend. I listened to a lot of Best Coast when I was younger. “Boyfriend” is super cute—not totally beautiful but definitely a nice love song. “Latch” is also beautiful song and a beautiful love song.” 

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