I Played A Fun Game With DJ Kittens Involving Fake Orgasms

The DJ, producer and self-proclaimed cat queen, Lauren Abedini aka Kittens, has a ton of music coming out soon. In addition to club tracks and collaborations, she’ll be releasing a mini EP project with Fool’s Gold, the label that A-Trak signed her to very quickly after discovering her. So who better to play a game (that I probably invented) called ‘Free Association: Music Edition’ with than Kittens? I explained the game, where I’d name either a phrase, situation, or thing, and she’d respond with the first corresponding song that came to mind. The results? Kittens is forever loyal to Meek Mill, I’m an awesome game inventor, and now you’ll know exactly what songs to play when you’re visiting the white house, pretending to orgasm, or gaining 2 million followers on Instagram. 

Obama’s Spotify playlist: “I’d definitely play him Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Can I Kick It’. Because everybody wants to kick it with Obama, right?”

Silverlake, Los Angeles: “Um, some fucking indie band shit. Actually though, I’m realizing that white hipsters are all on the rap train. They’d probably be into like, Future’s new album. So yeah, I’d play Dirty Sprite 2 for Silverlake. They’d think that was cool.”

Faking an orgasm: “Oh god, I hope nobody has to ever do that. That’s sad. I guess “No Tellin” by Drake would be the one for that, since you really wouldn’t.”

Gain 4 million followers on Instagram: “Oh, call yourself Ruby Rose. I’d put a Meek Mill song on for that. What’s the one that sounds like the intro to Rocky? Yeah, I’d use that song. It’s called “I’m a Boss”.

Meek Mill? Drake? “I love Meek Mill so I’m never going to turn on him. He doesn’t have the mass appeal and cultural significance that Drake does. Ghostwriting happens in every facet of the music industry, along with multiple people working on tracks together. There will be 10 songwriters, 3 producers—it’s amass effort to make a song. Collaborating on art is a good thing, and they do need credit.”

Lose 4 million followers on Instagram: “Oh my god, what’s the saddest song of all time? What do I cry to at night? I’m trying to think of what’s on my sad playlist. Oh, maybe Kings of Convenience’s ‘The build-up’.

Kim Kardashian: “Any Kanye. I’m not that up on my Kim Kardashian. Although if she likes Lana Del Rey, then I’d say a song for her should be a fake, unreleased Kanye and Lana collab.”

Love songz: “Whatever, whenever, wherever” by Maxwell. I’ve loved that song since I was six, and always said I’d get married to that song.”

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