I Don’t Care About Celebrity Nudes

Honestly in terms of click bait “celebrity nudes” is the possibly the definition of how to drive traffic, (hence this article). BUT COME ON this shit is so tired. If you weren’t aware, this past weekend it was revealed that some random web weirdo had been able to hack into a bunch of celebs accounts (or whatever they hack into) and grab a bunch of nudes. Here’s a few points that struck me when this news clogged, my usually fascinating, facebook feed.

Firstly: who does shit like this?
It’s really hard to relate to someone who using their hacking talents (and that is a tremendous talent) to try and see Jennifer Lawrences’ nipple. This says a couple things a) you’ve probably never seen a nipple before, try looking at your own b) you suck. Also you’re now on the run, like robbing a bank could be worth it, but to face imprisonment for a nipple peep is just super embarrassing.


Secondly: the violation of privacy.
LOL. I mean granted when you’re a celebrity, that just is the reality of the situation, so I actually don’t care that much about privacy violation, for instance you being papped while eating (BITCH PLEASE AT LEAST YOU’RE EATING.) But if this type of violation had happened to a regular woman it would be just as gross and brings back memories of the real life villain Hunter Moore “revenge porn” site “Is Anyone Up”. Maybe it was him?


Third: the people who want to see Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton & friends’ nipples
People still caring about nude celebrities just seems so passe or maybe I’m just too old to care, or maybe I’m the freak and everyone else is rightly aroused?

I’m not above click bait, I don’t think anyone is. HOWEVER, BUT, NEVERTHELESS, there’s something really tradge about someone thinking this is an exciting thing to dig up and secondly people wanting to see it. I just can’t relate, feel free to help me.

Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson is the Online Editor at Galore Magazine. She specializes in slow jams, gold jewelry, fried chicken, and hating. Follow @FrankieFatGold

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