“I Broke Up Like This” Michele Maturo Tells Us How She Did It

“I Broke Up Like This” is a new bi-weekly series on Galore. Every other week, we’re sitting down with some of our favorite bombshells who we love, admire, and look up to so that we may ask them about their break ups. This week we talked to model Michele Maturo about the last time she had to ditch a dude. Even though she was the one who did the breaking up, Michele revealed that she still needed to cope with the emotional reality of letting someone go. This is how she did it. 


Who broke up with who?
From what I remember –  I did, but I believe the feeling was mutual.
How had your relationship been going in the weeks/months/years leading up to the break up?
What was your immediate reaction?
‎’This is really happening.’
Your best coping mechanisms?
Starting fresh. Burying myself in work, surrounding myself with friends, writing, and drowning everything out with music.
The worst part about breaking up?
When outsiders don’t know it ended yet so they ask how you and your boyfriend are doing.
The best part?
Realizing and ACCEPTING that you two no longer bring out the best in each other and knowing how to respectfully walk away so that both parties can find happiness again.
Anything you would change if you could do the break up over?
I don’t think so.
Or the whole relationship?
As cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. If I had to change anything, I would have been more honest with myself and that person toward the end. ‎But I don’t have any regrets.
What you did with all their old stuff, or mementos from the relationship?
I left it all behind and started fresh! ‎
Your number 1 piece of advice to girls who are going through a break up (whether they are the person doing the breaking up, or the break-ee).
Time heals all. Never force a relationship and know when to walk away. Don’t be crazy and call/text! Avoid social media – if you can. Avoid your regular hangouts/restaurants. Use this time to find NEW favorites. Fake it until you make it. And last, but not least – try to hurt the least amount of people while you follow your heart... ‎

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