I Accidentally Hooked Up With His Best Friend

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Okay so let’s start by pointing out the obvious: Do not hook up with your old hookup’s friend. Of course this seems like common sense to most. But you’d be surprised how often this happens. And it happened…to me, unexpectedly.

So I had been hooking up with this guy for about 2 months and things were going great. We had the best time together and vibed so well but out of no where, shit got weird. He let me know he didn’t want a girlfriend, which I wasn’t against, but I took this as a ‘stay away from me’ sign. So we stopped hanging out and then 2 weeks later was New Year’s Eve. I get to the party and noticed that my old hookup (who was supposed to be there) was no where to be found. Still plenty of hot guys (and girls) so whatever right?!

In walks this super sexy guy. I’m interested. He approaches me and wasted no time getting to know me. We began talking and halfway into the conversation he says ‘I’m just gonna follow you around until midnight. Actually, all night. Is that creepy?’ I found his humor and honesty quite charming. So we hit it off the rest of the night…and he kept his promise! Later on, the 10 second countdown to midnight begins. Right as everyone is sloppily yelling Happy New Year, he turns to me and goes in for a kiss. The best kiss. Ever. So a week later I’m out and about in the city with some friends and the boy who kissed me from midnight. We’re dancing, we’re all over each other…and BOOM guess who walks up. The old hookup. Who might I add, never showed up for the NYE party. Oh shit right!

He walks up and immediately “midnight man” (new hookup) gives (old hookup) a “what’s up bro” hug. SHIT! WHAT? HUH? I could feel the beads of sweat forming on my forehead. THEY KNOW EACH OTHER?! My heart sank. Couldn’t believe this. Awkwardly I responded letting them know I knew both of them. Old hookup smiled, seeming confused. What a nightmare. I felt terrible.

What was I to do now? Myself and “midnight man” and other friends sneak out quickly after the uncomfortable interaction. I had to tell him, I had to let him know. But how?

So I end up telling my new guy about my old hookup and he responds with a palm to his face. He tells me they are friends, which I clearly discovered the night before. He said everything was cool, and I believed him. A few days later I meet up with my old hookup (who texted me because he wanted to give me some of my things back) and he’s completely aware of what’s going on with me and the other boy, his friend. We get to talking and he TOO gave me the impression that all is well and there were no worries and that I was “in the clear” to hang out with his friend. I was surprised and impressed. Things seemed to be ending up in my favor without hurting any feelings. But sadly, this wasn’t the case. We ended up later getting in an argument and haven’t talked in a week. Same thing with the new hookup. He told me he needed to get his shit together and I haven’t heard from him since.  THAT is my sob story of why hooking up with his friend isn’t a good idea. So ladies, before you start hanging out with a new guy, do yourself a favor and stalk his social media. See who his buddies are, because chances are they know each other. And if they know each other, move on. The End. *Cue Violins*


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