Hunter McGrady Would Be Agent 007 If She Weren’t a Badass Curvy Model

Don’t we all daydream about what our lives would be like if we weren’t working day jobs just to pay the bills?

Well it turns out even models spend some time daydreaming too, but what is supermodel Hunter McGrady dreaming of? Apparently, she dreams of the James Bond life, solving crimes and busting the bad guys.

Aside from divulging her dreams becoming a spy, Hunter also stopped by the Galore office for a quick chat about the curvy modeling industry. Check out her smokin’ hot shoot with photographer Anastasia Garcia.

Blazer: Eloquii Bra, Panty, & Belt: TorridChoker: Aldo

Growing up, did you ever think that you would become a Wilhelmina model?

I didn’t actually, but my mom was with Wilhelmina Cooper and Eileen Ford, they were both her agents in LA and New York. So I always wanted to and dreamt of it. That was a goal so I feel really lucky to be a part of that family.

How were your parents involved with you career? 

My mom was a model in the 70s, and ever since I knew what a camera was, I wanted to be in front of it. My dad is an actor so they both kind of pushed me in that direction, they wanted me to do it. And that’s kind of how it all came to be. I started in straight sizes, and then went to plus size about four and a half years ago.

I mean my family, they’ve always been in the industry so they were on board with everything. My dad is actually still acting. He’s in the series “Ray Donovan,” and also “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” which just came out.

If you weren’t modeling right now, what would you be doing as a career? 

I would love to do something in criminal justice. Which is so far-fetched and away from modeling, but I would love to do something that’s like catching the bad guy. I’ve always loved spy movies and cracking codes and things like that. So if anyone has a job like that out there, I’m your girl.

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What’s the best perk of being a model that some people might not know about? 

You know, I guess it’s getting to go really cool places. I just shot with Treats not too long ago, and they actually flew [me and my boyfriend] to Miami together, so he gets to get in on this. It was really cool, we got treated very well out there. It was a perk of being in the magazine and it was a blast.

What’s the biggest misconception about curvy models?

It’s definitely that we don’t have to work out, and we get to eat whatever we want and do whatever we want. It takes a lot to maintain. You can’t just show up to a shoot and be like “Here I am, I haven’t worked out in three years.” You have to keep things tight, and your health is everything. A lot of people will ask, “So you get to eat whatever you want?” and it’s like not all. I have to be careful.

Have you ever felt a difference between you and other models or has there been an instance where someone has said something to you to make you feel that way? 

On set, nope. Not at all because we get treated the same, you know we work the same job, we do the same thing, we get paid the same and we travel the same. I think when it comes to social media though, curvy girls definitely get a bad reputation you know and they get the mean comments. But I think everybody does, you know. But for the most part, as far as on set, we get treated pretty much the same which is amazing especially nowadays. Times are different, times are changing. There’s a curvy girl revolution for sure.

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Do you have a preference between New York or LA? 

I am living in New York right now, but I am in love with both. I am from Los Angeles. That’s were my family is and in New York is where my career and my boyfriend are, but I don’t know. I get the best of both because I get to travel back and forth which is really nice. They are the two greatest cities in the world so I just feel really lucky that I am able to do that.

What’s the best advice someone has given you for success in this industry? 

Check your ego at the door. To just be super kind and respectful to everybody. I love the quote “treat the CEO like the janitor, treat the the same.” I think it’s so important to respect everyone that you are working with and self discipline is really important too.

If you could change one thing about the stigma around plus sized modeling, what would it be? 

I would love to drop the term plus-sized to be honest. I would love to just be called a model, just as plain as that. I think that there are so many beautiful women in the world and especially when it comes to modeling… You know, it’s just a label and I would love to drop it. I love the term curvy, it’s empowering, it’s sexy. I love that term 100% because that’s what we are.

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If you have a day off, what does that look like? 

So I love to explore, I love exploring New York, I feel like you can never see it all because there’s always something new going on. There’s so much history here. I also love shopping, I am at HomeGoods and Target literally all the time, but I love to explore. It’s so exciting.

Fun clutch: Kate SpadeLeather Jacket: EloquiiBlack Body Suit: ASOSShoe: DVF

Bra: Ashley Graham for Addition ElleLeggings: TorridShoes: DVFCuff: Vince Camuto Earring: nOirChoker: Aldo

Denim Jacket: TorridJeweled Choker: nOirPepsi Bodysuit: ASOS

Photographer: Anastasia Garcia

Styled by: Naheed Hadjisoffi (NEXT Management)

Hair/Makeup: Stephanie Peterson (Art Department)

Manicures: Shani Evans

Model: Hunter McGrady (Wilhelmina)

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