Hugh Jackman Host The Tony Awards With A Hip Hop Twist

Last night’s Tony Awards were far from ordinary. Hosted by Hugh Jackman, the show took a creative and shocking turn when Hugh Jackman delivered a rap with LL Cool J and rapper turned reality star T.I.

Jackman, who is known for his broadway singing ability and acting chops started reminiscing about a high school production of “Music Man”. After doing a small rendition of the original song, he noted that the song was probably one of the first rap songs to date. He then said “drop the beat” (provided by QuestLove) and proceeded to introduce both rappers who then appeared on stage in tuxedos.

The three made Tony history as they rapped ‘Music Man”. Social media went crazy with mix reviews of the performance.

We think it was pretty cool and crowd seemed to love it. Check it out below.

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