PSA: Hugh Grant is Great In Bed

When you ask a chick about her ex, it’s always questionable territory. If they had a pleasant break-up, or she’s level-headed, she can hopefully be honest. If it was a rough break-up, she’s a crazy bitch, or you know- she caught him getting a blow job from a hooker 7 years into their could be a different story.

However, Elizabeth Hurley proves that she’s awesome (like we didn’t already know that) and responds completely honestly about her ex Hugh Grant’s sexual performance. On Watch What Happens Live yesterday, Hurley was asked to rate her ex’s performance in bed and she answered “Oh really, a 10!”


Although she praised Mr. Grant’s boning skills, she didn’t hesitate in admitting that he’s very grumpy, even earning the name “Mr. Grumplestilskin” from her friends.

But damn… a 10? Maybe it’s just me, but it’ll take a lot for me to rate a guy a 10, he must’ve been really good in bed… Holla at us Hugh? We’ll gladly deal with your mood swings.

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