Get Hyped For Kim Kardashian’s New Website With Her Makeup Artist Hrush Achemyan

Galore Mag Hrush

The Kardashians have become connoisseurs of beauty, but they didn’t get there alone. From Mario Dedivanovic to Joyce Bonelli and now Hrush Achemyan, the powerful sisters we all love to watch have branded their beauty looks. It’s no surprise that Kim and Kylie are in the process of creating websites full of original content–including makeup tutorials for their fans to copy filmed with respected makeup artists, painting their celebrity canvases until the girls look as glamorous as we know they do. Each makeup artist brings their own twist to the Kardashian beauty platform, and Hrush Achemyan, the newest member of the Kardashian beauty team is making her mark by reinventing their looks. From lashes so full they tickle their bolder than usual brows to a contoured face finished off with plumped and glossy lips, Hrush isn’t only changing the Kardashian’s glam, but now the world’s. No matter where you look, young girls to older women are seen with this super-glam look, including our Galore Girls. We couldn’t wait for Kim and Kylie’s websites to launch, so we decided to ask Hrush for tips on how to achieve her flawless facials…and Kim’s…and Kylie’s…and Khloe’s.

Galore Mag Hrush

1. Let’s talk lashes! What’s your secret to getting perfectly long and full lashes like your latest INSTA of Kim K?

I’m all about individuals! That way I can shape the eye to give it that full look.

2. Kylie’s sepia lip is a summer must. How can our Galore Girls get the look?

The key to nice plump lips is to always scrub before application, my personal favorite of all time is by a personally owned company called Mashk Inc. Galore girls, you have to try her products! Visit her site.

3. What’s your favorite part of the glam experience?

Definitely the transformation and the connection to the people you glam and create. It’s almost a healing or therapeutic release with make up and I love that.

Galore Mag Hrush


4. How did you first get into makeup?

I’ve always loved art and painting. I was lucky enough to have someone close in my life that explained to me that painting and makeup artistry is the same. Except for the challenge of a 3D surface.

5. What are some Hrush must have products you’d die without?!

Gosh, there’s honestly so many. My favorite lines would probably be Tart Cosmetics, Mehron, Huda Beauty, etc. etc. etc. With all these brands, I have every single one of their lines/products and I travel with it everywhere I go.

6. Tips to looking bright under the eye?

Try a pink based powder to give you the ultimate glow and POP.

Galore Mag Hrush


7. How can we get the Hrush cheek glow?

I always like Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter and Too Faced highlighter. That’s what I use daily and it truly never fails.

8. What can we expect from all the Kardashian glam tutorials?

You’re just going to have to stay tuned and see what they have coming. Just expect to learn a lot.

9. A shiny eye and lipgloss seems to be a beauty theme on your Instagram! What’s your favorite shimmery shadow and gloss?

YES! That is my favorite look, it’s just so effortless in my opinion and always looks good. Colourpop Cosmetics has the best eye shimmer and Gerard Cosmetics for the gloss.

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