How Your Fave Instagrammers Take Amazing Photos On Their iPhone

We all want to have an Instagram that’s cohesive and blends together perfectly, but how are you supposed to do make the magic happen when you only have shitty photos to choose from?

While there are some Instagrammers who’ve mastered the art of making not-so-great photos get thousands of likes, if that’s not your vibe and you want some quality photos on your feed, there is a way of achieving this without taking a photography class or buying yourself hella fancy equipment.

Here are some tips from the Instagrammers who’ve mastered the art of getting you to like every picture on their feed.

1. Lighting

Lighting can and will make or break an image.

It’s as simple as this: if your lighting is off then your picture will look too grainy and unclear. You don’t need to worry about getting direct sunlight, just make sure your exposure settings on your phone are set. If you’re using an iPhone camera app, hold down your screen until the yellow box shows up and scroll up or down until the setting is just right.

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2. Angles

Lets face it, straight on angles are kind of boring if you’re taking a picture of something really simple, so to spice things up, try kneeling dow and either catching the object, or person, from the side or from above if you’re feeling extra daring.

3. Feeling/Mood

Maybe it’s just me, but I will always stop my scroll if I can feel the emotion in an image. Whether it be the expression on the subjects face or the way items are placed, these photos always get a double tap.

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4. Make it You

If you really want your feed to stand out, be an original. Don’t post other people’s photos.

Just because other people you’re friends with make their IG your Tumblr doesn’t mean you need to. Posting countless memes and photos that other people took won’t really give anyone a sense of who you are, so make your feed your own by showcasing your photos and people will like and follow you because of well, you.

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5. Editing

FYI, editing can make or break and image as much as lighting can. If you want your feed to look cohesive, choose similar filters. VSCO is an amazing app for editing, it’s very easy to use and it’s free!

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6. Make your friends your “models”

If you really feel like experimenting and going into photographer mode, use your friends and experiment with your phone. Your friends don’t have to be real models. It is just a fun way to spend the day having an IG photoshoot. You’ll be surprised at how good your photos come out on you phone.

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7. Don’t over do it

Your photos obviously don’t have to look like a professional’s so don’t feel like you have to spend hours on editing or finding things to take pictures of!  Don’t obsess over it, just have fun!

8. Get Creative With Your Selfies

Duck face lip selfies are sooooo 2012. These days more and more people are taking their selfies in different ways. Maybe a selfie is a video, or maybe it’s just a pic of your hand. Get creative!

Just make sure your feed has a good mix of selfies and other content.

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9. Use Your Flash at Night!

The flash is there for a reason so you should definitely be using it at night. For the best flash photos, get close up to the object or person. This will provide the most detail in the photo and you can always edit the photo if the lighting is too harsh.

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10. Slow down

Take your time when you’re taking the picture. Make sure you have a pretty steady hand and are tapping your screen to focus on the main object in the photo. This technique also helps with lighting and the depth of the photo. You’ll be surprised at how much better your photos come out.

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