You Can Whiten Your Teeth Just By Eating This Fruit

White teeth aren’t everything, but there’s no arguing they’re a nice perk.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever tried whitening your teeth, you may have quickly realized that white strips (or your method of choice) make your teeth super sensitive. Like, how are you supposed to enjoy your white teeth if you can’t drink your morning coffee or bite into a popsicle? Hm?

Well, guess what? Next time you’re trying to help your teeth shine to their full potential, you can just eat.

Or, eat strawberries, anyway.

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According to Dr. Jeff Rappaport, the CEO and founder of Afora, strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural tooth whitener.

Sure, it might not turn your grey-ish toned chompers to pearly whites in one snacking, but if you needed another excuse to enjoy some fresh af strawberries, we’ve got you.

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Wonder if this goes for strawberry margaritas too?

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