How To Wear Fetish Fashion

With Balmain and Zana Bayne creating American Psycho-esque leather wear this season, and 50 Shades of Grey coming out this winter, fetish fashion has become the new trend to try. The question is, how do you wear it without either looking like a skank or a Halloween costume? Well, we here at Galore are here to help, here are a few ways to wear everything from corsets to dog collars- and look fabulous doing it.


harness bra


Harnesses are a perfect combination of sexy and badass. However, with a clothing item that is a sexy statement all on it’s own, you don’t want to embellish it or try to accentuate it in any way. A simple white t shirt and black jeans is all you need with a unique piece like this one.

Dog Collars


It’s easy to look slutty when wearing a collar. After all that is usually the point of wearing one! But if you are looking to appear punk than playboy it is best that it blends well with you outfit. Layer it among a selection of other necklaces. Match it with your most mystical black maxi skirts. Make sure that people can tell that you are wearing that collar for you and not your nighttime partner.


When it comes to corsets, it is best to go loose with the rest of your clothing. A tight corset and tight jeans just screams trash. A tight corset with a flowy skirt? Vixen!

Hooker Boots
But wait, is there any wrong way to wear these?

Bondage Dress

Bondage dresses were everywhere on the runway this season and even if you can’t afford one by Balmain, you can certainly lust after this new staple. When it comes to a bondage dress, it is best to let yourself go all out. Where it with stilettos, dramatic cat eyes and black lipstick. Just by putting on a bondage dress, you are automatically a sex goddess bombshell and you should act like it!

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