How To Trump His Lame Text Responses

Besides other annoyances that can occur throughout your day such as train traffic on the 6, your alarm not going off, a homeless man trying to hit on you, the worst is a bad text.

And I say bad because as vague as it sounds, it’s accurate. Usually we don’t really care if the lousy text is from a friend convo we know is dying or our parents because they’re notorious for weird and awful texts, but if it’s from someone we’re interested in, well what the actual f*ck.

Maybe you’re at work, walking down the street, lying in bed, or hanging at your friends apartment when you receive this conversation ending text from him. In which you usually say to yourself one of the following:


“So rude”

“What the hell”

“Ummm okay”


“Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries”

But whatever the case, us girls have learned to use different responses in order to get our message across that we’re annoyed or don’t care and really feel like sticking it to the man. And there is power in these texts.


1. Use His Name

You know when you were little and your parents would call you by your full name when you were trouble? Yeah, it was scary and still is. Maybe you call him Johnny, but if you’re mad, feel free to text him “Goodnight Jonathan”. Also, throwing in that capital letter is crucial too.

2. Nah

The power of “nah” is all too real. This is the ultimate way to let a bro know that you’re too chill to care about whatever the situation is.

“You wanna come over and maybe watch a movie?”


Talk about a real mind boggler for men. It’s hard to bounce back after that.

3. Throw A Period At Him

This is how you really send the message that you’re angry. Yeah you can just send him the letter, “k” but if you add a period after, you know you’re throwing major shade.


4. One Word That Ish

All of the sudden he wants to start sending you paragraph texts because maybe he feels bad that he only ever sends you bland texts. Well, it also happens to be the day in which you respond to him with one words. The best is throwing in a “Lol”.

5. Turn On Your Read It

This is great. It requires no response at all. You simply turn on your texting settings for him to see that you read his text, acknowledged it, and gave zero cares.

6. Make Him Feel Small

Sometimes if you’re talking to a guy who’s older than you, he will constantly point it out. He throws hints by calling you “champ” or using the baby emoji. But I say, give him a taste of his own medicine. You text that kiddo back and make him feel small too.

So the next time you’re dealing with a lousy texter, use these pointers to get your message across. Because guys may not be able to communicate well, but they can read a text message like nobody’s business.

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