How To Treat Yourself With Respect

In today’s dynamically progressive world, so many of us desperately want to fit in, be popular, and have fame. Unfortunately, we may dishonorably do so at any cost, whether that is dropping our true friends and family, losing our sense of morality, or completely altering ourselves into people that we no longer recognize. This unconstructive pathway ultimately leads one into a downward spiral and creates a cycle of losing one’s self-respect. It is hard to live in this ever changing beautiful world while still maintaining that essence of truth and love. Therefore, to help you move along swimmingly, follow these 3 basic steps featured below in order to preserve your self-respect on a daily basis.


1. First, understand your behavioral patterns determine your level of self-respect.


If you think about it, we generally gain our initial sense of self-respect quite young. We formulate certain behavioral patterns while our parents, teachers, and other societal factors all influence our thoughts and actions about ourselves the majority of the time. This is also related to the discipline we receive as youngsters. As we grow up, we normally stick to those sets of emotions and ideas about how to respect ourselves and we go with it. Therefore, in most cases, we need to break those outdated behavioral patterns to fully accept ourselves in this moment, without feelings of blame or pressure overbearing our souls. What are those patterns you may ask? Well, they differ from person to person, as our experiences are vastly unique and special to each one of us. We must take a step back to actively think about how we perceive respect, from an intelligent perspective. The only way to do so is to silence your mind and begin thinking how you talk to yourself and how you feel about yourself when other people communicate to you.       

2. Second, realize and accept that it is okay if other people do not respect you.


This is a hard one to accept. As human beings, when someone hurts us, we might get so upset we either internalize this pain or the opposite: repeatedly go to them to try and explain what we feel and then we endlessly question the person, insisting why they would ever do that to us. They might come across as cold or unresponsive in their unemotional state when discussing certain things, which we so desperately wish would be warm and caring. That is ok. “How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves”- (Paulo Coelho). In essence, these people are often too preoccupied living in their own ego to come down from their high horse to connect with you emotionally and personally. We cannot coerce people to respect us. But we can walk away from those people or limit our time spent with those people. The trick is to know when someone disrespects you, and then it won’t affect you as much. It is ironic that when we get older we desperately want to be mature, yet we really luck out when the opportunity presents itself. For instance, ever run into someone who is so rude to you all the time for no reason? Well, it has been said that “Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength”-Eric Hoffer. We want to come across as powerful and confident, and we think therefore people should then respect us. But that is false. The take away from this bullet point would have to be just realize that if people do not respect you or treat you with the kindness that you feel needs to happen, walk away. Learn to respect yourself enough to leave the situation that hinders your individual growth, personal happiness, and expression of love.

3. Third, love your journey and feel powerfully calm about it.


Now that we have come full circle, you can get inside your heart more and really appreciate yourself on all levels. Forgive all who hurt you and forgive yourself for feeling hurt, angry, or whatever emotion you are feeling. Respect yourself without any manipulation from others influencing your choices. Respect yourself as you are which is beautiful because you are unlike anybody else in the world. Your authenticity is what you need to respect. Once that mindset comes into play, you will easily let go and release things and people who are negative influences over you and who essentially offer you no progression. So, once you truly start to love and respect yourself, you will eventually accept all as is with a grateful heart, and not necessarily yearn for something that is so much out of your reach. Your journey is your growth, and that simple knowledge shows maturity and sensitivity. Accept that. Respect that. Respect yourself for accepting that. 

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