How To Tell If She’s Just Not That Into You…

As a golden rule, if you ever tell yourself “maybe he just doesn’t realize that I’m into him,” stop right there. The majority of guys think that every chick is into them. If your crush isn’t paying attention to you and you think it’s because he “doesn’t realize” that you like him, you’re wrong. He probably just doesn’t like you. Sorry.

On the other end of things, when a guy starts pursuing you and you tell him that you’re not interested, he doesn’t seem to take no for an answer. You can ignore his texts, make out with his best friend, or flat out tell him you don’t like him; but he still won’t get the hint. He seems to think that you’re playing hard to get, when in reality you just want him to leave you alone.

If I’m Not Texting You… 

There are very few females who don’t have their phones on them 24/7. Besides the times when we’re at the gym, showering, or blacked out in a field somewhere, we’re on our cell phones. Sure, there are the girls who do somewhat try to “play hard to get” and wait the designated 30 minutes or whatever bullshit they think works. Personally, I think that’s dumb as hell. If a sexy dude texts me, I text him right back. However, if a loser dude that I have no interest in texts me, I probably “forget” to respond. If a girl doesn’t text you back within a day, she’s not playing hard to get, she is busy texting a guy who she actually wants to fuck.

If I’m Not Getting Dinner With You…

Depending on a girl’s standards and expectations, it can be harder to get her to hang out with you. Some girls simply aren’t going to go for the same old “Netflix and Chill” suggestion, or the ever so vague “Wanna hang?” One thing that girls do enjoy is going out for a (free) meal. If a girl doesn’t go to dinner/lunch/brunch with you, she is absolutely not interested. Hell, if a guy I’m not that interested in asks me for dinner, I might go for the free food. So, if a girl doesn’t even want to sit through a date with you for some free sushi, she’s definitely not interested.

If I’m Getting With Your Friends…

There are certainly delusional girls who try to make guys jealous by getting with their friends. Not sure what planet they live on, but we’re just going to forget about them for now… If I explicitly tell a dude that I’m trying to get his friend to notice me, he has clearly been friend-zoned to the max. If I tell a guy that I have a boyfriend, I’m not trying to seem hard to get, I’m telling him to stop trying and go hit on another drunk bitch with her tits out. Only a guy would think that a girl is making out with his best friend to secretly tell him that she wants his dick.

If I’m Not Following You Back On Social Media

If a girl is interested in you, she’ll have stalked your Facebook back to 2006 before you even know her last name. She knows where you went to high school, what your ex girlfriend looked like, and that you look awesome in a v-neck tee. She doesn’t want to appear like a complete stalker, so she might not send you a friend request or like your profile picture, but believe me, she likes it. If a dude I’m interested in follows me back on Instagram, I am absolutely following him back and suggestively “liking” every photo he posts until he realizes that I want his dick. If a guy I’m not interested in follows me? I pretend I didn’t notice so that I don’t have to follow him back and see his ugly face on my timeline ever again.

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