How To Steal Bella And Gigi’s Emo Mall Lewks

It seems as though Gigi and Bella have gotten lost in your local suburban mall.

As of late, the Hadids have been channeling their inner emo and rocking a sh*t ton of red plaid and leather.

So, we can either assume that they’re either being held hostage in Hot Topic or have made it their mission to rob the wardrobe department of every Avril Lavigne music video from the early 2000’s. TBH, we’re totes ok with either scenario.


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Anyway, this is good news for us. The revival of plaid means it’s now totally acceptable to go into full TBT mode and dive back into your totally goth middle school self’s closet! Though you prob don’t fit into those red plaid pants from your 8th grade MySpace avi, sorry. 

Venture below to shop for lewks that will help you revive your super emo 14 year old self.

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The Classic Flannel

The perf look for when you’re bloated AF or just really lazy. Also associated with the morning after walk of shame. Regardless, flannels will forever be cute and work with literally everything and anything.

Plaid Attitude Shirt, Nasty Gal, $40.00

I Heart You Plaid Shirt, Forever 21, $15.99

Frayed Plaid Flannel Shirt, Forever 21, $38.00

The Plaid Dress

Just as comfy as a regular flannel, except you don’t have to wear pants! Fab. If you’re feeling lazy, opt for a looser fit. Otherwise, tighter fits are supa hawt.

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Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress, Forever 21, $15.99

Plaid Flannel Strappy Dress, Forever 21, $38.00

Petite Georgia Tartan Bodycon Mini Dress, Boohoo $20.00

The Plaid Mini

We promise you won’t look like a naughty school girl. Though, even if you do, is that really a bad thing? Plaid minis are my fav. Really go ham and embrace your inner Avril by throwing on a pair of fishnets, tube socks and beat up converse. Plus, they’re the ultimate staple piece. Just ask whoever wrote the description for this skirt on Hot Topic, which reads: “Every punk lady knows, a plaid skirt is a staple in your closet.” #longlive2003

Red & Black Plaid Skirt, Hot Topic, $23.92

Gianna Berry Check Strech Mini Skirt, Boohoo,$12.00

Petite Erin Checked Box Pleat Skater Skirt, Boohoo, $16.00

Plaid Pants

So what if this was like, the signature look in Lizzie McGuire? Plaid pants are cute AF. Grab your spike-studded leather belt, black combat boots, and you’re good to go.

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Aviana Berry Check Stretch Skinny Trousers, Boohoo, $20.00

Blackheart Black & White Plaid Leggings, Hot Topic, $18.32

Cooperative Cherriane Gingham High-Rise Pant, Urban Outfitters, $59.00

Plaid Shorts

Sadly, we don’t have much time left for our beloved plaid pants, so plaid shorts will have to do. Luckily, there are actually a bunch of cute styles and options out there. Peep below.

Jenny Tartan Lace Trim Shorts, Bohoo, $14.00

Blackheart Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Panel Chain Shorts, Hot Topic, $29.90

Prairie Plaid Flannel Cut Offs, Forever 21, $15.96

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