Revive Your Dried-Out Mascara In 10 Seconds

Dried-out mascara?  Girl, we’ve all been there.  Somewhere between your third and eighth outfit change, refreshing your beverage, and texting “Just Don’t Go There”, you totally spaced and forgot to screw the cap back onto your mascara.  Now, it’s morning, you’re hungover, late to work/class/brunch, and you have to take an extra 10 minutes out of your life and run to CVS because let’s be real, right?  Wrong.

According to Lifehacker, all it takes is 10 seconds and a little lovin’ from the microwave oven to revive even the driest tube.

But you know me, I’m super skeptical about anything I read on the Internet.  So, hoping for the best, I screwed off the lid of my brand new Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara and said a prayer for the best as I slipped off into a marijuana-fueled slumber.


And the next morning, the unthinkable happened: my mascara wasn’t the least bit dry.  Weird.  So, while the downside is that this Internet trick remains untried and untested, at least we’ve debunked the myth that mascara dries out overnight.  Congrats, you officially have one less thing to stress about.  Sometimes in life, it’s all about the small things (unless we’re talking about penis size, obvi).

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