Michele Maturo Tells Us How To Redeem Yourself From A Bad First Impression

Model Michele Maturo gives her expert tips to help us with our everyday problems, in this case first impression and how to fix the bad ones we make.

First encounters don’t always go as expected. When we meet someone new for the first time, it’s inevitable that we judge them, especially if it’s a potential crush. I guess you can say we’re sizing these men up. And when we’re with our girlfriends we do more than just judge these guys… we construct, we deconstruct, we analyze, we let our curiosity get the best of us, and of course, it leads to gossip.

But what happens when it’s YOU on the other side of these judgements? Don’t forget, there’s two sides to this! What if it’s YOU who falls flat on your face? It’s okay, don’t hide yourself from society just yet, there’s still hope. Here are some full proof tips for fighting back from a couple of common negative first impressions. Together, we can fix this!

1. If you were drunk falling all over the place? Simple fix.. don’t be such a hot mess during round 2! Prove to yourself and the other person that you know how to behave in a respectable manner and not act like such a cave woman in the club.


2. Okay, so you slept with him night one? Don’t worry! You’re not out of the running just yet. Make sure that the next time you two get together it’s not just sexual or you’ll end up his convenient 2a.m text. Suggest going do dinner, a movie, or the beach and see how the chemistry is with your clothes on.


3. If your first encounter left you feeling self conscious DO NOT text later with an apology or trying to explain yourself. Chances are he didn’t even notice and the apology will only make things awkward. Next time be confident, but not cocky. Men love woman that know what they want and who are sure of themselves, but not full of themselves.


4. You brought your home girl the first time, she played her part and officially cock blocked this guy! He’s being polite, but he’s annoyed. It’s time to let the circumstances progress. Leave your girl at home round two and really become acquainted with each other.


5. What if the ‘first time’ happens on ‘your time’ of the month? In the moment you may not have minded, but now your mortified. Relax and make up for it the next time! Arrive prepared, off your cycle, well groomed, and it also wouldn’t hurt if you put on some sexy undies and ditched those period panties. Remember, most men have seen worse and he wouldn’t have done it if he thought it was an issue.


6. You talked about your past relationships day 1? Congratulations on your roster! Next time keep it to yourself and avoid talking about your past flings and focus on discussing common interests- which is not your previous inventory. No guy wants to feel like he’s trying to fill in someone else’s shoes, especially your ex’s.


Michele Maturo is a model who writes and writes very very well about sex, boys, love and all the fun stuff. She is a regular contributor for Galore

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