How To Not Be Annoying At Music Festivals This Summer

Festival season never seems to end but there a few people celebrating this year who make us wish that it would. Music festivals are a culturally prominent event that has been delighting young music lovers for decades. But what it has evolved into is a bit sad and a bit nauseating. In order to not ruin the fun for others, and honestly for yourself, here is some advice on what not to do at a music festival.

Be A Phone Whore
With the charging stations that are now expected, even in the middle of the desert, it is impossible to be without your technology, even for a weekend. And that’s fine. Preferred actually, after all, we have to instagram the experience right? But do we have to be on our phone 24/7 even in the presence of a truly great live band? Come on, you know that looking at a lead singer through a camera lense is not the same as looking at them in the flesh. So take a quick snap, pocket your phone, and enjoy the music.

Part of the fun of attending a music festival is dressing up, yes, but some of the costumes that we have been seeing lately take unnecessary to another level of weirdness. Three questions you must ask yourself while dressing up for the concert: 1) Is my headpiece heavier than my body 2) Am I appropriating a culture that has nothing to do with me 3) Am I naked? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then turn around, calm the f*** down, and reevaluate your look.

Forget your personal safety and self esteem
It’s a weekend long party, basically unsupervised in the middle of nowhere. There will be drinking, dancing, sex, drugs and rock and roll (or at least alternative rock). The point is to have fun, but remember what happened after the EZoo overdoses. You could potentially ruin this for future generations, and more so, you could ruin it for yourself. Long story short, be safe.

But not too safe
It’s a weekend of sex, dugs and rock and roll (and R&B). While you have to take your personal safety into account, that doesn’t mean that you should be enjoying yourself any less this weekend. So sit back, relax and enjoy the music guys, festival season is not over yet.tumblr_mamnhqXZVs1ro7mezo1_r1_500

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