How To Let A Guy Know You’re Not Into Him

There may come a time in your life where everything isn’t black and white. There will be some gray areas, especially when it comes to relationships. You may meet a guy who is actually pretty cool but you just don’t see him as a “boyfriend” or aren’t that attracted to him. Ah, it seems the sweetest ones just don’t come in the prettiest packaging. Here’s how to let them down easy without leading them or hurting their feelings.


Have Fun | Going out with a guy doesn’t always make it a date. You can have fun with someone you don’t have intentions on being with. But, it gets tricky when he takes your awesome moments together as something else. Not all guys are dogs. Some see time with you as something sentimental. Enjoy yourself but beware of his intentions.

Talk It Out | You probably knew already but he might end up saying he likes you. There’s no easy way to have this conversation. Let him know that you don’t have those types of feelings for him as soon as that comes up. He might get the hint or he might try harder depending his personality. But, as long as you’re honest in the beginning, it can stop a lot of confusion.

Don’t Hide Your Love Life | I wouldn’t throw it in his face either. But show him that you’re dating other people. The natural thing to do is spare his feelings but he needs to understand that you’re not his.

Keep His Emotions At Bay | Sometimes as people we get a little desperate and pour out our emotions a little frantically. This may happen. You can sympathize with him but let him know that it’s just not that type of relationship.

Let It Go | If he doesn’t get the picture then keep your distance. You care but you don’t have time to babysit anyone’s feelings. If he doesn’t get it then let him be. Let him move on to someone wants more from him.

It ain’t easy when he’s amazing but you just don’t see him as being your man. But you have to suck it up and let him know how you feel eventually.

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