Buy this glitter to enhance your favorite feature

What was once sent in the mail to only our sworn enemies, we now are dousing ourselves in.

Body, face and hair glitter has dominated the festival and summer scene for every kind of look you want to go for this season. You’ve seen Gigi Hadid spruce up her eyebrows with cobalt blue glitz, and even supermodel Irina Shayk doll up her eyes with a bold, gold sparkle. Now it’s your time to shine.

Whether you’re trying to transform into a mermaid or get that extra shimmer on your highlight, these are some of the best glitters you can get on the market — plus the best way to wear them to accentuate your best features.

1. All over your face

Hey, some people’s fave feature is their entire damn face. That’s awesome and super easy to accommodate.

To complete this look all you need is, nyx Face & Body Glitter selling for only $6.00 at your local pharmacy and online at, you can step up your glam a notch with the choice from 12 shimmering shades. I think this glitter is definitely a more “pigmented” and high concentrated glitter, I would recommend adding this to your look if you really want the glitter to be the star of what you’re going for.


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2. Your hair

To master this look, Jerome Russell B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray is your perfect tool. It’s available for $6.38 on, and it aims to put a stunning effect on your clothes, hair or body for a brilliant shine. It’s long lasting and has a thicker spray that reaches up more volume. It also has a great smell to it that sticks with you.

Loving this hair and may need to book @charlheaneyibizahair when I am in Ibiza in September 💖 this is amazing 😘

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3. Your eyes

If this style screams your name you NEED KARIZMA. This brand of chunky glitter can be found all over, I usually order mine from just because it’s so effortless, it’s only $9.50 and there are a ton of different style options to choose from. My usual “go-to” kits from here are superstar, rose gold, fairy dust, candy, and mermaid. These chunky glitters can be added on top of your more fine glitters for that extra WOW factor. I usually dab these around the apples of my cheeks up the trail to the end of my eyebrow for a perfected look.


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4. Your skin

This look is up to you, you can coat yourself with one slick coat to make your skin look dolphin-esque, or you can build it up and go for a more heavy glitter. To achieve this look, Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel is the product for you, it has five different colors, it sells for $9.99 per pot, or there’s a promotion right now where you can get all five for $34.99 on

This brand is vegan and cruelty free, no magical animals were harmed in the making. They’re not too thick, they’re quick drying and they last all day long (even through sweat). Some pro users recommend mixing all five colors to get a rainbow glow. They also have glitter lip glosses that apparently taste like candy, if you want your extra fix.

5. Your cheekbones

To blow this minimalist quick add you’ll need, Snazaroo Gold Dust Body And Face Glitter has ten colors to choose from for $4.58 on These pots are a water-based product great for highlighting, and getting a subtle, hinting glow. I would recommend another type of glitter if you want a thick and more intense look. Snazaroo is definitely more for your fairy princess goddess side.


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6. Your lips

Glimmer Body Art Shimmer Body Glitters are available in 12 colors for $34.70 on The colors cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum! These pots are really thick and intense; they’re for all you girls out there trying to turn into a phoenix or a unicorn.

A word of advice…

I highly recommend getting glue primer for all of these glitters before application. This will ensure that your glitter sticks with you through blood, sweat, and tears/ whatev else.

One of my faves is nyx’s Glitter Primer, which can be found for $5.99 on

Some of the others I found are Glitter Glue by Too Faced, it’s $20 and can be found on their website.

And you can never go wrong with stage makeup. Ben Nye Glitter Glue can be found for $7 on Camera Ready Cosmetics.

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