How To Get The F*** Over Him

Have you ever really been in love? You can’t go a couple of minutes without thinking about him. Every conversation you have with your girls end up about him. You smile wider than a Cheshire Cat when he texts your phone. You can’t wait to see his face again. He’s so handsome, the sex is out of this world and it seems as if he’s the best you’re ever going to get. Everything is wonderful! Then all of a sudden the unthinkable happens. He completely lets you down. Suddenly he loses interest or does something to totally damage the relationship. You’re absolutely torn apart. Should you forgive him? Or was it unforgivable? You’re forced to accept the reality that it’s all over. This can be terribly painful and girl we’ve been there. Here are some things that can help you get the f*** over him:


Let him know exactly how you feel. Even if he doesn’t respond, get it all out. It can be a long email or text. It doesn’t matter. Get it all out before he can interject. Doesn’t matter if you have to write a couple of rough drafts first and have your best friend proofread it. Just let him know exactly how you feel and how this all has affected you. I think you’ll feel a lot better.

Girl just cry. Release all of those feelings. Cry as much as you need to. You’ll feel so much better. Talk about it with your best friend, your mother, your grandmother; anybody who will listen. Talk it all out. You might find out that someone you trust has been in the same or similar situation. They can give you advice and tell you how they got over said “boy boy”.

Un-follow him now. As a girl we love to cyber stalk but it’s no good when the emotions are still raw. We’ve all been there. A guy breaks our heart then he posts things that make it seem as if he has moved on so fast. Or, you’re faced with the fact that he has moved on to some other chick. But it’s only been a week! Ouch! Then you start stalking her page trying to figure out what the hell he sees in her. Un-follow and block to save yourself the turmoil. Protect yourself from that pain. It’s still an open wound.


Party. After a break up you want to spend your days crying in bed but life still goes on. It’s not all over. He wasn’t the be all, end all. You were here before him and you’ll be here without him. Start spending some nights with your girlfriends. Go to the club and dance with a stranger. Let some men court you. Get your fan club going and party it up! You’re single now and can do whatever you want.

Date other guys. Nothing makes you get over someone faster than a new beau. Now don’t be all desperate and snatch up the first guy that looks your way. Also don’t try too hard to fill the void of loneliness. All of this happened for a reason so be more cautious this time when it comes to your heart. The more you learn, the better it gets because you know what to look and watch out for this time. Now that you’re wiser and stronger, test the waters and go on a few dates.


It’s a very painful feeling when you think the best of someone and they let you down. We’ve all been there. But, the good thing about it is that you will get over it and you learned some new things. There will be someone else. But right now you’re hurt and it’s okay. You’ll be fine, sweetheart. Go out, live your life and the beat goes on…

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