Invites Have Officially Mailed Out! Here’s How To Get Photographed This Fashion Week


S/S ’16 invites have officially been mailed out and delivered to many of fashion elite. We know you want it: the swarm of street style photographers aiming their lenses at you, finding that hi-res photo of yourself on Tommy Ton or Refinery29 (or if you’re too bougie for that shit, the Sartorialist), posting said photo on all of your social media accounts, garnering tons of likes/comments, and most importantly, looking like you’re so in there. Even though you probably weren’t invited to any of the upcoming shows, you might get snapped if you hang around the tents and act like you belong. Here’s how to up your chances.

Light up that cigarette. Everyone knows smoking looks cool. You’re never fully dressed without a Marlboro Gold (or Galouise or Nat Sherman) hanging from your lip, babe. Even better, invest in some pastel Russian Sobranies and match the one you smoke with the color of your shoes! To die for!


Don’t put your arms through your coat sleeves. Want a surefire way to spot a fashion week newbie? Pick out the plebes wearing their coats like a normal person would. It’s 2 degrees out, you say? Tough shit. It’s so much chicer to drape your coat over your shoulders and let the sleeves flap behind you in the frigid windchill like you’re some kind of 100% vicuña wool bird trying to migrate to a warmer climate. Make sure your artfully and effortlessly draped coat doesn’t slip off your shoulders though—that wouldn’t be very cute. 

Galore Mag - Coat slinging - How To Get Photographed At Fashion Week

Embrace your inner fuccboi.  Now is the time to break out that Hood by Air outfit you bought yourself for Christmas. Pair it with those Rick Owens kicks you only wear in the house ’cause you’re scared to get them dirty. Look as #BeenTrill as possible, but don’t actually wear anything from BeenTrill—Raf Simons, Off-White, and Alexander Wang are way doper. Blast some Yung Lean as you artfully dishevel your hair and spray yourself in way too much Comme des Garçons cologne. Don’t forget your bucket hat!


Be a teenager. Fashion dies for trendy kids. The younger, the better. But don’t actually dress your age. You want your braces, squeaky voice, and poorly developed social skills to clash with your eccentric clothing. Think prepubescent-quirky-grandma era Tavi or a normcore Mike the Ruler. Bonus points if you’re an unusually tall and skinny teenager—You’ll look super editorial and you might get scouted for a five-year modeling career, then discarded because 23 is so not a good look!

Galore Mag - Tavi Gevinson - How To Get Photographed At Fashion Week

Put on your biggest pair of sunglasses. Ideally, you want to look as if you’re hiding the two hours of sleep and resulting dark circles you got from all the shows and champagne-fueled afterparties you’ve been invited to. You tore up the dance floor with Miroslava Duma at the Boom Boom Room last night and you might have thrown a drink on Cara Delevigne (oops). Even though your eye bags are shit, at least they’re designer.

Galore Mag - Magdalena Frackowiak - How To Get Photographed At Fashion Week

There you have it. Now get shopping for the chicest cigarettes, warmest coats you won’t actually wear, drop-crotch-iest pants, quirkiest ensembles, and fanciest sunglasses. If these tricks don’t get you photographed at Fashion Week, nothing will.

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