How to Fix Your At-Home Mani With an Eyeshadow Brush

One of the biggest pitfalls of an at-home manicure is the nail polish that ends up all over your cuticles and around your nails.

It usually comes off eventually, of course. But wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid it altogether?

Celebrity nail artist Alicia Torello recently gave us a pink square manicure how-to using OPI’s new Hello Kitty polishes — and along the way, we picked up on an awesome trick she uses to get polish off of the skin around the nail.

Alicia uses an angled eye shadow brush from Sephora to clean up the area around the nail. It works like a charm. To copy, all you need is:

the brush

acetone nail polish remover

a plastic pump

Just fill the pump with the remover, dip the brush in the top to coat it in acetone, and dab the acetone around your nails on any stains, just like this:

Just don’t use the eye shadow brush on your actual eye after it’s been soaked in acetone, k? That would be pretty painful.

This trick will help you save plenty on your nails in the long run. Now go forth and fix your funky at-home mani!

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