How To Fuel Up Before And After Your Workout

When you are living like an athlete, you must eat with intension. What you consume before and after can be a real game changer. Your nutrition regimen has a huge impact on your results, so read below for my tips on how to prepare and re-fuel in order to perform, recover, and get the results you’ve always wanted.


An Hour or so Before:

Oatmeal and Berries


Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred fuel source and those grains readily convert to energy for your killer workouts. Oatmeal is a great meal as it slowly releases sugar into your bloodstream, which helps to keep you full and focused. Topping it with a handful of organic blueberries or banana to your bowl adds a little bonus of vitamins and nutrients that add that extra kick of energy. 


A Banana


This is such a simple and perfect workout food. Packed with complex carbs, potassium, and fiber. It keeps you full and is light and delicious.


Whole Grain Toast with Almond Butter and Sliced Banana


Having a mixture of complex and simple carbs will help to slowly release energy during your workout. Almond butter gives you much needed protein and adding banana helps to restore the potassium you lose when you sweat.   


Greek Yogurt, Granola and a Handful of Nuts


Greek yogurt is delicious and full of protein. It’s easy to digest and when you add a handful of organic granola and nuts to it, you have a meal packed with vitamins and nutrients. The nuts (or seeds) are packed with protein and good fats that help keep your insulin levels from dropping. When choosing your granola, pay careful attention to the ingredients and sugar content. Finding the right product can make all the difference in your performance and energy levels.


Apple or Celery Wedges with Almond Butter


This is a great and easy snack to fuel your workout. The sugars and proteins mixed in this meal are a perfect balance of fuel and energy. Adding almond butter gives you protein and kills off hunger pains and lethargy.


A Hardboiled Egg and Half an Avocado


Eggs: simple, delicious, and full of protein and nutrition. However you eat them, scrambled, fried, over easy, they are loaded with good stuff for your body. Avocado: simple, delicious, and full of good fats and nutrition. Light and easy to digest.


Veggie Omelet



Eggs are a great source of protein and can aid in muscle recovery and growth. Grab a bunch of veggies (dark leafy greens like spinach or kale and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli) to add more value to your omelet! And a dash of cayenne or EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for added goodness and nutrition.


Grilled Chicken or Fish and Mixed Vegetables


While you’re in recovery mode, this dish is packed with protein and vitamins. Lean proteins such as grilled chicken or some type of fish will up your energy without making you feel bloated. Sautee some veggies in EVOO and you’re golden.


Salmon and Quinoa


A great and delicious group of protein, salmon has bioactive peptides which help to regulate insulin levels and give you joint support. Quinoa is a light and delicious carbohydrate that helps to repair muscles.




This is my go to. You can customize it anyway you want. It’s easy to add ingredients that have too much sugar, so look for ways to keep it clean and healthy. Mine usually looks like this: a cup of greek yogurt, a handful of berries, half a banana, a spoon of almond butter, and some rice or almond milk (keeps it light and easy to digest). You can also play with adding protein (hemp powder, whey powder – 10 to 20 grams max). Make sure it’s a quality product that is not packed with chemicals and additives.

Live like an athlete and eat with intention!

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